How many people like to exercise?

How many people are not so crazy about it?

How many people don’t have any time…

If you were Christopher Reeve…

No one can find more time

The questions:
  1. Do you believe this is something you have to do?
  2. What do you think it has to be?
  3. How many people think you have to join a gym?
  4. Your Paleolithic ancestors—did not go to a gym
  5. How many people think you “need” motivation?

What you CAN do to exercise

Simple solutions:

  • Park further from the mall
  • Walk around the block once before dinner
  • Climb the stairs—get off the elevator one flight early
  • Get off the train or bus one stop early
  • Walk for your errands
  • Do some wall pushups
  • Pick a group of exercises and do one at a time
  • Water bottles
  • Rent a video and do 15 minutes of it
  • Don’t use the remote
  • Find ten minute workouts
  • Dance: free dance Tom Cruise risky business