10 Health Affirmations/Resolutions

Beginning Resolution:

This New Year of 2014 I am open to learn and grow and be willing to make positive changes for my improved health.

Here are some ideas that you can adapt to make them relevant for your own life. Reach for your radiant healing and vital life.

  1. I make caring for my health a priority in my life. My other top priorities are caring for others in my world and doing a quality job in my work.
  2. I find and do the right exercise program for my body to stay (or get) fit and leaner (if needed), and stick with it to promote flexibility, strength, and endurance for life.
  3. I eat a balanced diet of wholesome foods for my weight and body type to maintain or achieve an optimum level.
  4. I am aware of my food and substance weaknesses and abuses such as sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, and I take steps to avoid them or use them sparingly. From January into the warmer springtime is an ideal detoxification period, depending on your climate and body warmth. See my book, The Detox Diet, Third Edition or my website for more information.
  5. Since I personally have struggled with my own weight (because I just love food, and yes, this a way to sneak in even more resolution ideas), here are my five specialized resolutions for keeping my body trim:
    • I drink plenty of good, clean water, at least two quarts/day.
    • I focus my diet around vegetables, which are nutritious and low in calories.
    • I chew my food well. By eating more slowly, I feel more satisfied and nourished with less food and experience better digestion.
    • I eat minimally or not at all after nightfall and ideally eat my main nutritious meals at breakfast, at midday, or by 6 pm.
    • I exercise regularly to burn calories, enhance my circulation and stay positive and fit.
  6. I allow myself enough sleep to rest my body nightly, thus recharging my batteries and supporting my immune strength to protect me from illness. Ideally, I sleep well naturally without need for any medicines.
  7. I take appropriate nutritional/herbal supplements for my body's ideal function and health. This varies by gender and age. There are many ideas online, or in my videos on UHC-TV (on YouTube) and my book, Staying Healthy with Nutrition.
  8. I maintain an attitude of health in caring for and loving my body such that I will follow healthy habits year around. My body is my only lifelong possession and I treat it in a loving way.
  9. I pay attention to my emotions and stresses, and continue to develop nonaggressive ways to express my feelings and let go of stress. I learn to communicate healthfully.
  10. I ask others, especially loved ones and co-workers, what they need from me and I do what I can to support them. Likewise, I let them know what I need as appropriate to each life situation. In other words, I care for others and allow them to care for me. Love yourself; Love the World!