1. Prepare for the worst and expect the best! Have the supplies you need at your home, at work, and in your car in case of emergency, yet keep your mind and heart positive with the best results for you.
  2. Keep LOVE alive in your heart and in all your relationships—and speak your truth! Be present and honor your relationships with your family, friends and co-workers.
  3. Plant food and feed the Earth so that she can feed you in return. Even in an apartment, you can grow foods indoors or outside in containers on the deck, around your home, or in the yard.
  4. Be conscientious with your eco-footprint. Conserve, Re-use and Re-cycle. Keep things simple and share bigger items with neighbors if possible. Be efficient in your driving and running errands. Minimize your use of plastic.
  5. Drink good clean water. A home filter is more economical and eco-friendly than buying plastic bottles. Also, conserve your water use as possible with efficient washing of dishes and taking baths and showers.
  6. Buy or grow organic foods. This supports growers who are not using chemicals and not polluting the Earth’s environment.
  7. Eat your vegetables! These are our overall most nutritious foods in regards to calories and nutrients. I suggest at least 50 percent veggies in most healthy diets, and work with your children to eat their vegetables, as I describe in my book, More Vegetables, Please!
  8. Find your best food proteins, be it vegetarian legumes, nuts and seeds, or animals foods such as eggs, fish, poultry or beef. This is a personal choice yet does effect the Earth.
  9. Find your best exercise program. Of course, the best exercise is the “one that you will actually do.” Stay flexible with stretching, strong with weight work, fit with some aerobic activity, and healthy with your overall program.
  10. Love Yourself and Love the World. When you love yourself and maintain that attitude, you will make sure you make good food choices, exercise regularly, sleep well, and handle stress in your life.

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