You haven’t slept well in weeks/months/years, you feel like you can’t relax, and yet you’re exhausted under the surface. You’re lacking in stamina and you crave sugar/caffeine/anything to help you keep going to get through the day, so you can begin the cycle again.

1) Instead of skipping the first meal of the day, or having caffeine as your only form of breakfast, start your day by committing to eat a high protein meal sometime before 10 am. This will help you balance out your glucose levels and cause less strain on your adrenals to assist you in having more even energy, and less strain on your adrenals throughout the day.

2) Set up a “check in” with yourself for several times a day. On your phone calendar, on a written calendar, however you keep track of appointments, book yourself 2–3 “check-ins” to take a few minutes and focus your attention inward: A) on your breath becoming more steady and even, B) on your thoughts turning toward the sensations and subtle awareness’s that become recognizable when you slow down, C) on an intention you can attune to, to help re-focus your mind toward what matters most to you, beyond the many “to do” lists.

3) Find sometime in your day when you can rest on your back, with legs up in a 90-degree angle, supported on a chair/ottoman/ or couch so you are placing your body in a restful position, without strain. Allow your eyes to close, or remain focused in a way that assists you in not getting distracted outside of yourself. Let yourself rest in this way for five minutes, eventually for 10, or even 15 minutes. This is a wonderful exercise for late in the day when you need a recharge, or in the evening, before even attempting sleep.

Our adrenals are affected by stress caused by inadequate nutritional balancing, emotional triggers, and even structural strain due to postural stress or excessive exercise. Try these 3-tips daily to support adrenal health and stamina and watch how it affects your overall wellbeing.