Join John and Charles as they talk about functional medicine and how valuable Health in Your Pocket is to have in your library. There are many options when it comes to health care but the most important consideration is knowledge. The more you know about your conditions and options for treatment the better. Good doctors appreciate well-informed patients. Health in Your Pocket provides you with the information to understand many conditions and treatment options. It is very well researched and easy to read. Be informed...self-managed health care is the best approach. Remember of the leading causes of death in the US is properly prescribed can be a statistic...but be on the right side of the stat chart...

You can also read our review on Health In Your Pocket in our Recommended Reading section:

Health-in-Your-Pocket by E. Cheryl Haberstock, RN, BSN

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Ava Miles The Goddess Guides

John returns to his roots in broadcasting and his days of relationship talk radio with International Bestselling author Ava Miles as they talk about Ava's latest series The Goddess Guides. The Goddess Guides take women (and men if they are interested) by the hand and lead them down the path to healthier relationships, discarding toxic influences along the way. Ava launched her writing career with the #1 national bestselling book Nora Roberts Land in 2015.

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The Pill Problems and the Safe Birth Control Contraceptive Option

Ross Pelton, R.Ph., CCN author of The Pill Problem delves into the history of hormone based birth control, spermicides, and much more as we explore the long list of debilitating side effects which even include death. Of course we do offer information on a new, exciting, safe, and effective contraceptive that has been on the market now for over 3 and a half years with no reported pregnancies. If you would like to try Smart Women's Choice yourself you can get free shipping and handling and a 10% discount if you use the coupon code NOPILL when checking out at Smart Women's Choice.

Dental Cosmetics Affordable and High Quality Dental Work in Costa Rica

Join John in Costa Rica where he investigates Dental Tourism. Many people do not have dental insurance and yet need dental work or surgery they cannot afford. Costa Rica offers cost savings of 60 to 70% and more over costs of dental work in the US. John traveled to Costa Rica earlier this year to interview patients and dentists. On today's show he talks with patients and visits clinics to ensure they can provide the best practices and care for international patients. In this installment he meets Ogg from Brooklyn, gets Ogg's story and visits the clinic that did the work. Ogg saved about $66,000 by having his dental work done in Costa Rica. Top dentists in Costa Rica have the same or better education than many of dentists in the US. Like with everything it seems it is buyer beware. Always do your own homework, seek out qualified referrals, and don't be afraid to ask the tough questions. Keep in mind you do not have the same access to compensation in the event anything goes wrong like you do in the US.

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CR Tel: 8529-2509

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Suzy Cohen America's Pharmacist

Suzy talks with John at Supply Side in Las Vegas about her passions, books (we love Drug Muggers), and what motivated her to become America's Pharmacist.

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We highly recommend getting a copy of Suzy's book if you really want to take care of your own health.