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Scientists are exploring natural therapeutic approaches because they involve shorter development times and are generally less expensive, as compared to pharmacological products.

One of the most promising natural therapies is curcumin, a spice compound extracted from the root-stalks of the turmeric plant and gives curry its yellow color and pungent flavor.

Recently, a number of studies have suggested that sitting might be hazardous to your health, by promoting type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases—conditions correlated to sedentary behaviors. Peter Katzmarzyk, from Louisiana State University (Louisiana, USA), and colleagues completed a life table analysis to measure relative risks of all-cause mortality in association with sitting and television viewing, derived from a meta-analysis of studies looking at that relationship and from...

A number of previous studies suggest that some dietary patterns, specifically a high-fat diet, increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Consequently, scientists are exploring interventions that target the metabolic dysfunctions resulting from diets high in fat.

Previous studies have linked the quality and quantity of a person’s social relationships to mental, as well as, physical health. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, from Brigham Young University (Utah, USA), and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 148 studies that included data from 308,849 men and women who were followed for more than seven years.

Instead of focusing on a single task that engages the same part of the brain repeatedly, try to vary the types of skills you use. Carolee J. Winstein, from University of Southern California (California, USA), and colleagues have found that doing so engages different parts of the brain and improves its performance.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change as a result of training and experience over the course of a person’s life. A recent newfound research focus on the effects of music training on the nervous system reinforce the concept of neuroplasticity, with data suggesting that the neural connections made during musical training also prime the brain for other aspects of human communication, such as skills of language, speech, memory, attention and even vocal...

Brown rice differs from white rice in both its processing and nutrient profile, as the former retains the other bran and germ portion of the grain thereby retaining most of the fiber content.

In examining health records on 53,000 Norwegian residents, segmented from the second Nor-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT 2), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) researchers have found that maintaining a sense of humor not only keeps people healthy, but helps to increase their longevity.

People who find joy, excitement, and contentment in their daily lives may be protected from cardiovascular disease.

A number of recent clinical studies demonstrate the physiological benefits of maintaining a good outlook on life, reaffirming the adage to “never underestimate the power of positive thinking.” Beware the perils of pessimism, as a sunny disposition may shine brightly as a predictor of longevity.

The next time you are about to undertake major multitasking, meditation training beforehand could make the work smoother and less stressful, suggest University of Washington (Washington, USA) researchers. David Levy and colleagues recruited three groups of 12–15 human resource managers for the study.

Seeing a dental hygienist at least once a year may help to reduce incidence of myocardial infarction, stroke, and total cardiovascular events. H-B. Leu, from Taipei Veterans General Hospital (Taiwan), and colleagues examined 10,887 subjects who had undergone tooth scaling, and 10,989 subjects who had not received tooth scaling.

Tai Chi is a Chinese wellness practice that has been previously associated with a variety of physical and mental health benefits. James Mortimer, from the University of South Florida (Florida, USA), with colleagues from Fudan University (China), completed an 8-month randomized controlled trial comparing 120 Chinese seniors who practiced Tai Chi three times a week to a group who did not.

Older adults who remain physically active experience less psychological distress and fewer functional limitations. Gregory S. Kolt, from the University of Western Sydney (Australia), and colleagues studied data collected on 91,375 Australian men and women, ages 65 years and older, enrolled in The 45 and Up Study.

Exercise in the open air is good for you, but researchers from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (United Kingdom) suggest that to reap the full benefits you should head for the coast or the countryside, rather than an urban park.

For more than three decades, jogging has been a favorite exercise, but some debate has arisen as to the potential risks of this strenuous form of fitness. Peter Schnohr, from, the Bispebjerg University Hospital (Denmark), and colleagues analyzed a subset of data compiled from the Copenhagen City Heart Study relating to the mortality of 1,116 male joggers and 762 female joggers, as compared to the non-joggers in the main study population.