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Red Mountain, St. George Utah

Total Health Online is based in St. George, Utah.

The mission of Total Health Online magazine is to advocate self-managed natural health, emphasize the importance of becoming the co-captain of your own health care team and to address the imperatives to wellness. To achieve this, we provide you, the reader, with the information and resources needed to establish and maintain optimum health as well as to potentiate your immune system in times of crises.

The contributors listed and writers profiled in each issue of Total Health Online are a team of committed individuals respected for their expertise, with many recognized as the icons in nutrition, complementary and integrative approaches to the practice of medicine.

Today wellness is no longer simply an option—it is the imperative to surviving our current reactive, pharmaceutical-driven health care system plagued by a sea of troubles and on a trajectory toward implosion.

With the constant flow of negative information regarding the financial status of our economy many of us have become seriously concerned with the reliability of private health care plans, the politics of employer sponsored medical programs, and the future for health care in general.

Fortunately those committed to self-managed natural health have recognized the need to begin taking the proactive steps to achieve optimum wellness and move toward nontoxic cost-effective natural alternatives to assure quality and quantity of life. We understand while chronological age is a given, biological aging to a great degree can be within our control.

Our choice of physicians, mode of health care delivery, health food suppliers, the resources and authors we trust, and websites we visit are crucial. Also that diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise, attitude, meditation, spirituality, and commitment to community are all imperative to wellness oriented age management.

As early as 2004, Surgeon General Richard H. Camona, M.D., MPH, FACCS, stated: “As I see it, we can no longer, as a society, afford to tolerate the poor choices that have given us this huge disease and injury burden and huge costs. We have a health care crisis now, in terms of cost.

“Everyone’s trying to decide how we pay for diagnosis and treatment. We are a treatment-oriented society. We wait for people to get sick. We reward caretakers for doing extraordinary things that are very costly, to save somebody who largely could have made decisions years before that would have prevented that from occurring.

“How do we bridge the cultural divide from a treatment society to prevention society?…

“ … I believe the American people will make healthy choices when they have the information and the incentive.”

Now seven years later we still have not adopted an imperative of evolving from our current health care system where costs are at an all time high, obesity is a national epidemic, chronic disease is on the rise, diabetes plagues American children, prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death and the FDA and some members of Congress continue to attempt to limit our access to dietary supplements.

The solution is a wellness paradigm driven by preventative, self-managed natural health and the alternative and complementary health care protocols some 158 million Americans now choose to access each year.

What it really boils down to is that each of us must become the captain of our own health care team, champion of our right to choose nutritional and complementary and alternative medical approaches to health problems and demand a serious national commitment to reversing the toxic levels in the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat.

We also must generate a public mandate for a paradigm shift from a reactive, sick care to a health care system based on proactive wellness, one which will both reverse the growing incidence of chronic disease and stabilize burgeoning health care costs throughout the country.

Total Health