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Alexandra Scranton

Alexandra Scranton is the Director of Science and Research at Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE). Alex authors WVE’s scientific reports and provides scientific review for the organization’s programs. Prior to working at WVE, she worked in the epidemiology and statistics unit at the American Lung Association headquarters in New York. Alexandra currently sits on the Research Advisory Committee for the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative and on the Institutional Biosafety Committee for Rocky Mountain Laboratories (a National Institutes of Health facility). She has a Masters degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana and a BA from Amherst College. Alexandra lives and works in Missoula, MT, with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


Wait a second . . . toxic chemicals in my tampons? Ah, menstruation, that monthly ritual often marred by discomfort, inconvenience and most fun of all— mood swings! For most women, once they find the menstrual products that meet their needs, they stick with them for a lifetime without giving them any further thought.

Unfortunately, there is more to tampons than one might expect. Women’s Voices for the Earth (