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When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see a radiant reflection of a youthful complexion, or do you see the appearance of those telltale signs of aging? Truth be told, no matter your age, we all desire to maintain the most youthful appearance possible. Is this just wishful thinking, or is there really a fountain of youth for your skin? It is well known that your skin is an incredible organ with an immense ability to repair and rejuvenate itself when you know the secrets to ageless beauty. And the good news is that recent discoveries promise to help women of all ages regain that youthful glow!

Overcoming 21st Century Challenges for Your Skin

Unfortunately, our modern world and stressful lifestyles are not particularly kind to our skin. As French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, “Nature gives you the face you have at 20; it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50.”

Some of the more harmful choices that significantly impact your skin’s ability to heal and rejuvenate include sugar-laden, processed foods, stress, lack of sleep, sun damage, exposure to air pollution and toxic chemicals, smoking, and alcohol. These are the many thieves that slowly steal your youthful appearance and create unwanted changes to your skin, such as texture and color change, as well as wrinkle formation, etc.

And you really can’t blame your genes as the cause of your aging! It is now estimated that only 10–15 percent of visible aging is directly related to genetics. That means that you have powerful control over your health destiny. Simply put, making healthy choices determines how gracefully you age.

The Three Aging Villains: Inflammation, Free Radicals and Dehydration
What are the telltale signs that your skin is aging prematurely? Some of the important clues are the presence of fine lines and wrinkles, increased pigmentation, age spots, dull-looking skin, and the loss of elasticity and firmness.

In order to regain healthy skin, you first need to know about the three key villains that sabotage your youthful glow and accelerate the aging process. Those villains are chronic inflammation, harmful free radicals and cellular dehydration!

Let’s start with understanding just how chronic inflammation is an aging villain. Inflammation is an immune response that occurs when tissues have been injured or abnormally stimulated. However, when there is an unrelenting barrage of harmful factors, the fires of inflammation get out of control.

The process of continuous low-intensity inflammation, while invisible, will not only damage your skin, but also lead to the inevitable signs of aging. It can accelerate fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, as well as puffiness, sagging, blotchiness or reddening of the skin.

The second villain of aging is the production of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that not only cause damage to your cells and DNA but also weaken living cells and tissues. Excessive free radicals affect your skin’s structural layers and defensive barriers (e.g., collagen and lipids). Skin damage done by free radicals may appear in several ways: premature wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and lackluster skin. Over time, the effects of free radical damage become even more noticeable.

The third aging villain is cellular dehydration. One of the main characteristics of youthful skin is the ability to naturally retain cellular hydration. As you age, it becomes more difficult for your cells to retain moisture. Cellular dehydration is exacerbated not only by the lack of adequate water intake but also by chronic stress, toxins and the aging process itself. The most common indications of dehydration include dryness, flakiness, roughness, irritation, and cracking. These symptoms all add up to the look of prematurely aged skin.

So, what is the best solution for combating these three villains of aging skin? First of all, eliminate pro-inflammatory foods like sugar, fast foods and alcohol. Then do your best to reduce exposure to environmental toxins and stress. When it comes to protecting your skin from these villains, always use the purest ingredients, as well as proven skincare products for your daily beauty ritual!

The Three Heroines of Skin Rejuvenation
In order to stop the destructive process of inflammation, a powerful, yet safe, anti-inflammatory solution is needed. Enter an advanced nano-silver technology from SilverCeuticals, one of the most effective solutions to safely repair and protect the skin from the damaging effects of inflammation.

For thousands of years, silver solutions have been used for healing. Thanks to SilverCeuticals, a more powerful form of silver is now available. Why is this nano-silver so important for youthful skin? It gently and safely promotes natural skin healing by rapidly reducing the signs of inflammation, redness, blemishes, and the appearance of scars. It not only accelerates wound healing but also promotes stem cell release and activation. Nano-silver also protects against pathogens, and doubles as a natural preservative to keep the product clean and prevent the need for harsh chemicals.

The second important heroine is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the most powerful molecule found in nature for enhancing cellular hydration and plumping up dehydrated cells. Because HA has the unique ability to attract and retain more than 1000 times its weight in water, it is a real superstar when it comes to rejuvenation. It is also phenomenal at penetrating deeply into the skin's layers where it enhances tissue repair and protection. Another important feature of HA is its ability to transport essential nutrients from the blood directly to skin cells. It is also a powerful, natural antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by the sun's UV rays.

Simply put, Hyaluronic Acid provides numerous benefits:

  • Antioxidant protection
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Curbs premature wrinkling
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Locks in moisture
  • Boosts skin elasticity
  • Enhances collagen production
  • Nourishes skin cell growth

The third amazing heroine in the fight against premature aging skin is collagen. Collagen plays an essential role in helping to retain the skin’s elasticity, to generate healthy skin cells, and to increase hydration. However, most collagen supplements are not effective because they are difficult for the body to digest and absorb. It its natural state, collagen is too large and too tightly bound to itself for the body to it break down effectively. The good news is that there is a new absorbable form of collagen, known as collagen peptides. These are shorter chains of amino acids, making them small enough to be quickly absorbed into the skin and readily available for repair work.

An innovative process called sonication uses sound frequencies to break up the large chains into smaller chains, creating a super-absorbable form of nano-collagen peptides. Studies show that topical treatments of collagen peptides significantly improve the skin’s hydration and elasticity, even with minimal use.

The Revolutionary SilverCeuticals Facial Serum for Re-Vitalizing Aging Skin

A truly effective skincare product needs to help regenerate healthy new skin cells, while protecting against the three most age-ravaging villains: inflammation, free radicals, and dehydration.

In the search for a truly effective anti-aging solution, SilverCeuticals formulated the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. They combined their advanced nano-silver technology with a powerful hyaluronic acid complex. This special combination ensures that the HA is able to reach even the deepest layers of the skin, while providing hours of intense cellular hydration and softness. The addition of the sonicated nano-collagen peptides completes this beautiful age-defying trifecta.

There is one last critical component of a skincare product. You want one that contains only natural and non-toxic ingredients. That's why SilverCeuticals Facial Serum is the purest skincare product available. It is formulated without harmful parabens, biphenyl A (BPA), phthalates, sulfates, alcohol, harsh preservatives or synthetic colors, which are commonly found in many other skincare products. The result is a totally pure skincare formula that promises a truly rejuvenated you - diminished wrinkles and fine lines, well-hydrated skin, greater skin firmness and reduced skin discoloration.

For achieving the best results, it is recommended to apply SilverCeuticals Facial Serum twice a day - morning and night. It rapidly absorbs into the skin with a light texture which is deeply penetrating. It is so gentle that it is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

Accolades for SilverCeuticals Facial Serum
Dr. Andrew Willoughby, DMD, LVI, FAGD, FICCMO is no ordinary dentist. He holds two Postgraduate Fellowships in Neuromuscular Dentistry, is the named Inventor of 5 U.S. Patents and has extensive training in the treatment of Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction and Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Snoring. He practices the state-of-the-art reconstructive, cosmetic, implant and physiologic-based Dentistry. In addition to being an inventor/patent holder, Dr. Willoughby is also an author, Clinical Researcher and Regulatory Consultant in B.C, Canada.

Dr. Willoughby is always searching for the most effective and innovative solutions for his patients. His research with SilverCeuticals Facial Serum demonstrated compelling results. “I have been performing human clinical trials with a proprietary Nano-Silver/HA based serum complex with Hydrolyzed Collagen peptides (nano-collagen). This extraordinary serum has led to a noticeable reduction in inflammation and scar tissue formation. The ability of this Nano-Silver serum to promote natural healing of the skin is unequivocal”. Dr. Willoughby’s independent research validated the exceptional healing and regenerative benefits of SilverCeuticals Facial Serum.

“I first started using a product that retails for hundreds of dollars. I liked how it initially felt on my skin, but the feeling didn’t last and left my face feeling dry. After using it for a few weeks, I received a sample of SilverCeuticals Facial Serum. I liked it much better than what I had been using. It felt smoother on my skin and I still felt the effects even at the end of the day. My face feels hydrated and the fine lines are disappearing. What was most surprising was the price difference. I get so much more out of the SilverCeuticals Facial Serum even though it was so much less expensive.”

- Teresa, Lisbon, IL

“I absolutely love this SilverCeuticals serum! I have a modest social media following, and am often asked by cosmetic companies to test and review their products, but this serum is my go-to. It soothes my sensitive skin, and has clean ingredients which is very important to me. It tightens and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. It literally works wonders. I use it before I put on my makeup, and as a night serum as well.”

– McKell, Pleasant Grove, UT

An Invitation to More Radiant, Youthful Skin
Turning back the aging process is no longer just wishful thinking. The promise of a more youthful appearance is now a reality. The revolutionary formula of SilverCeuticals Facial Serum with the advanced nano-silver technology, the super hydrating Hyaluronic Acid complex, and the sonicated nano-collagen peptides makes it possible to gently renew, repair, rehydrate, and regenerate the skin at the deepest levels. You really can’t find a more exceptional and unique skincare serum anywhere. No matter what your age, with the addition of SilverCeuticals Facial Serum to your daily beauty ritual, even Coco Channel could now agree that we can now all truly merit beautiful, glowing and youthful skin at any age!


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Sherrill Sellman, ND

Dr. Sellman is an international author, psychotherapist, women’s health advocate and seminar presenter. Through her books including Hormone Heresy—What Women Must Know About Their Hormones, lectures and seminars, she has empowered women all over the world to make more educated and informed choices about their health.

Sherrill's latest book Hemp Health Revolution explores the history of hemp and the latest research in the Hemp Extract world. Dr Sellman gives us the A to Z list of the many chronic illnesses or health conditions that have been proven to benefit from Hemp Extract.