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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M; is among the fastest growing medical societies in the world today. The goal of antiaging medicine is not to merely prolong the total years of an individual’s life, but to ensure those years are enjoyed in a productive and vital fashion.

The A4M is a non-profit medical society dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. A4M is also dedicated to educating physicians, scientists, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and anti-aging issues. A4M believes the disabilities associated with normal aging are caused by physiological dysfunction which, in many cases are ameliorable to medical treatment, such that the human lifespan can be increased, and the quality of one’s life enhanced as one grows chronologically older. A4M seeks to disseminate information concerning innovative science and research as well as treatment modalities designed to prolong the human lifespan. Although A4M seeks to disseminate information on many types of medical treatments, it does not promote or endorse any specific treatment nor does it sell or endorse any commercial product.

The A4M is comprised of 20,000-plus members from 100 nations worldwide, as follows:

  • 85 percent of our membership are physicians (MD, DO, MBBS)
  • 12 percent are scientists, researchers, and health practitioners
  • 3 percent are governmental officials, members of the working press and general public

The vast majority of anti-aging physicians are board certified in a primary medical specialty that is recognized by the AMA establishment. Anti-aging physicians devote 70 percent or more of their practices specifically to the early detection, prevention, treatment, and amelioration of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases.

As far as the global culture of adoption of anti-aging medicine, the A4M has been a major force in advancing the medical specialty worldwide. The A4M has been responsible for positioning the anti-aging clinical medical specialty as a leading innovative paradigm for health care in the aging nations around the world. The A4M co-sponsors the world’s largest scientific conferences in the area of advanced preventative medicine. The A4M conferences have achieved what to our knowledge no other medical group in history in any specialty has accomplished, growing in three years from just two international conferences to more than 30 annual international conferences around the world on all continents in 2008, many with the support of governments, ministries of health and international sports federation organizations.

Anti-aging medicine is now practiced by thousands of physicians in private medical offices, as well as at some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals around the world. Universally, those involved in health care, or those whose fields of expertise intersect with health care issues, support anti-aging medicine as a health care model promoting innovative science and research to prolong the healthy human lifespan. Public policy organizations and government agencies are now embracing anti-aging medicine as a viable solution to alleviate the mounting social, economic, and medical woes otherwise anticipated to arrive with the aging of nearly every nation on the planet.

The disciplines of our physician members are roughly as follows:

  • Family Practice, 23 percent
  • General Medicine, 15 percent
  • Endocrinology, 11 percent
  • Internal Medicine, 8 percent
  • Dermatology, 8 percent
  • Plastic Surgery, 6 percent
  • Cardiology, 8 percent
  • Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.), 6 percent
  • OB-GYN, 5 percent
  • Sports Medicine, 4 percent
  • Orthopedics, 2 percent
  • Emergency Medicine, 2 percent
  • Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.), 2 percent

The A4M serves as an advocate for the new clinical specialty of anti-aging medical science and acts as a conduit to physicians, scientists, and the educated public who wish to benefit from the almost daily breakthroughs in biotechnology which promise both a greater quality as well as quantity of life. We invite you to take advantage of these free informational resources:

The World Health Network, the Internet’s leading anti-aging portal and official educational Web site of the A4M:

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