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This is the time of year when many people begin thinking about their resolutions for the New Year. You may have a good idea of what your resolutions will be but for many people it may be a very difficult decision. In this article we will focus on the top five tips for making successful New Years resolutions.

1. Be True to Yourself
The most important part of setting successful New Year’s resolutions is that they be true to your authentic self. The authentic self is the part of you that never really changes. It is the part of you that is inherently you, your constitution. Capitalize on your strengths by taping into your authentic self and use this to create the best resolutions for yourself.

2. Don’t Try to Please Others with Your Goals
Your New Year’s resolutions should be designed to fulfill your inner desires not appease the needs or wants of other people. Trying to please other people almost always ultimately fails especially if you have no true desire to achieve the goal. It is okay to set goals with other people in mind but be sure that you are ultimately doing it for yourself.

3. Set Realistic and Attainable Resolutions
It is extremely important to set New Year’s resolutions that are realistic and attainable for you. It only does harm to set goals that you realistically won’t be able to achieve. Take time to think about how you can make your New Year’s resolutions realistic and attainable.

4. Take Baby Steps
Many resolutions may require baby steps to be achieved. Often there is no need to rush to a result. In fact, many goals need time to be achieved and are best when divided into smaller segments. Try setting your goals with increments in mind and allow yourself the time needed to take baby steps towards them.

5. Find Support
Most New Year’s resolutions become easier and more fun to achieve when you have people in your life supporting you. This could be family, friends, co-workers, a personal trainer, a naturopathic physician, or anyone else. There are often bumps on the road and it can be extremely helpful to have others in your life you can confide in and help propel you towards your goals.

Dr. Brent Barlow

Dr. Brent Barlow is a naturopathic physician and author of the book series, To Feel Well. The first book in the series is now available. Click Here for more information or to purchase Improve Your Digestive System. He is an expert in the field of integrative and holistic healthcare and has a special interest in treating cardiovascular, hormonal, inflammatory, and digestive system disorders. He is board certified to utilize advanced integrative procedures like intravenous nutrient infusions, prolotherapy, neural therapy, and hormone prescription. Dr. Barlow is a graduate of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver and practices in Kelowna, British Columbia.