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Re·juve·nation—the act of restoring to a more youthful condition, renewal of health as in a biological natural phenomenon, restoration of vitality and stamina, restoration of biological mechanics enabling function at maximum capacity.

To restore cardiovascular health is to provide the nutritional, supplemental and physical support to allow the body to rejuvenate function while improving quality of life.

You Should Know…
Cardiovascular diseases kill more Americans than cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined.

Many of our aging baby-boomer population are, or will be, victims of heart and cardiovascular diseases. Even so, we can significantly increase heart rejuvenation and longevity in the highest percentage of cases by applying simple and fundamental practices that preserve and support its many functions.

Slow the Beat—Extend Life…
Since the dawn of early medical practices, it was presumed that every human heart simply came programmed for a specific number of beats in its life cycle. More recent scientific research points to a human heart beating approximately two billion times then it’s done…yes…done as in finished with life. Based on this ancient principle, natural health masters demonstrated that lifespans can be extended by literally applying one essential practice of slowing the heart rate—getting more years out of those beats.

This principle, explained by Oriental medicine practitioner, Angelo Druda, compares our heart to our cars—if we reduce the mileage placed on our car, they last longer. If we learn to slow and rest our heart rate, this vital organ stays healthier longer—adding more years to those predicted two billion beats in a lifespan.

2. Reduce Blood Toxicity…
An organic unaltered diet reduces wear and tear on the heart and lower levels of blood toxicity equating to slower heart rates. The more toxins in the blood, the harder the cardiovascular and respiratory systems have to work, along with the organs of detoxification, in order to purify those toxins.

3. Gentle And Sustained…
Gentle sustained exercise elevates heart rate initially but slows it down in the long run—athletes demonstrate some of the best standing heart rates for this reason. It’s important NOT to over exercise because that can damage the heart through over-exertion, causing sustained elevated beats—everything in moderation.

4. Pacing is Critical…
If we burn too hot and push too hard, then we use up our initial inheritance of heartbeats quickly. If we balance the pace of our life however, resting often, sleeping well, building in periods of deep relaxation and meditation, then we extend our heart lifetime. The secret is to just set aside time to take care of YOU, without justification or feeling guilty.

5. Siestas…
The Harvard School of Public Health in Boston conducted a study with more than 23,000 Greek adults. They found that those who regularly took a midday siesta/nap were more than 30 percent LESS LIKELY to die of heart disease. So, lie down after lunch or midday—allow your body rest and the heart rate to slow. The recommended time for a siesta/nap is 30–45 minutes daily—more can make you lethargic and actually increase fatigue.

6. Nature’s Heart Elixir…
Humans are forever searching for the perfect regenerative tonic, diet or protocol. Rejuvenation principles detail that search and identify some of the great elixirs, foods and supplements that have been used to restore health and extend life for centuries. One important long sought after elixir of ancient medicine is actually produced by the body itself!

Research scientists at the University of Texas, under the direction of Dr. Nathan Bryan, pointed to nitric oxide (NO) as the essential regenerative substance produced by the body to rejuvenate itself. Their research demonstrated that nitric oxide deficiency is a culprit in all kinds of degenerative imbalances including, but not limited to, heart disease, bone loss, diabetes and cancer.

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a fundamental chemical messenger manufactured by the body within the circulatory system. NO production relaxes and expands the blood pathways increasing blood flow to all the organs and cells—rejuvenating and supporting the health and strength of the cardiovascular tissue. By the age of forty, nitric oxide production begins to decline in everyone, universally. It is the absence of NO that accounts for the fact that a person in their fifties and sixties has about half the circulatory capacity that they had in their twenties. The cardiovascular system, however, never loses its ability to relax and open, and the body never loses its ability to produce NO, if we do the right things. The potential impact of this finding on our health and well-being is profound.

Heart Foods
Modern research confirmed traditional approaches to heart rejuvenation by testing specific foods and herbs. As it turns out, many of the foods and herbs that have been traditionally used for cardiovascular healing are highly effective nitric oxide precursors.

Nitric Oxide (NO) Producing Foods
Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Spinach and Beets top the list. Those wonderful cancer-protecting cruciferous vegetables— cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli are also strong NO precursors. Go ahead, have some dark chocolate after your veggies. The news on dark chocolate just keeps getting better. Cocoa increases NO production in the body. Recent research demonstrates that regular eaters of dark chocolate have significantly less heart disease. One should choose low glycemic dark chocolate rather than the overly sweetened kind, however, in order to protect the pancreas and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Nitric Oxide (NO) Producing Herbs
Many of the medicinal herbs used for centuries to heal and rejuvenate the cardiovascular system, proved to be powerful NO precursors. Examples of these powerful herbs include Hawthorn, Chinese Salvia, Peony Rubra, Fructus Trichosanthus, Prunella vulgaris and Chinese Ginseng—all tested as effective producers of nitric oxide.

In wholistic rejuvenation principles, we combine herbals with nutrients and other key natural ingredients into a powerful proprietary formula containing nitric oxide-rich ingredients targeting support for the heart and circulation. Additionally, you further benefit when combining the right formula of medicinal herbs with powerful vegetables—in a smoothie for example. This combination is a simple and effective practice for rejuvenating the heart and overall body—aging without feeling or looking old by targeting aging at its root… the cardiovascular system. My favorite smoothie includes combinations of: kale/ spinach/chard, fresh whole lemon/lime, fresh ginger, natural whey protein powder, stevia for my sweet tooth, small piece of raw beet, cabbage, whole cucumber, celery blended with water or milk alternative. To be maximally beneficial for overall health, it is advised to consume 24–32 oz. daily.

7. Glandular Support
Protomorphogens, a clinical term you’ve probably heard but not easily understood, are extracts taken from the animals used. They provide immediate as well as long-term benefits and if used when a patient’s endocrine system is under-producing or under-secreting a specific hormone, when an organ is weak or diseased for example, often the case with cancer patients, the results are usually quite effective. If the benefits show in people who are terminal, imagine the proactive results you may experience.

Bovine raw heart concentrate (a protomorphogen), in the Cardio Rejuvenation Complex*, contains only purified extracts from the endocrine glands of the healthiest animals available. I believe they work so many wonders because they help restore a person’s overall metabolism. I’ve seen the improvement clinically in clients, and felt the results personally, and I credit this to our choice of ingredients. These extracts, taken from the animals used, are known clinically as protomorphogens.

Another principle behind the benefit of glandular therapy is that glandular tissues are rich in many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes, and many other substances. The reason they work is they are synergistic with all other products and foods ingested. Glandular therapy can supply your missing essential nutritional needs in a highly efficient manner. For a tissue cell to repair or replace itself, it must have the raw materials to do so. Glandular therapy provides these raw materials to your much-needed organs, glands, and other tissues so that they can begin the process of rejuvenation.

Finally, Cardio Rejuvenation Complex is beneficial because it contains small polypeptides, or protein-like substances, which have specific messenger abilities and which act on targeted tissues. Many of the healthy hormones found in glandular tissues, even in low concentrations, can begin their genetic tasks as they did before if motivated. For example, a small polypeptide material present in one tissue can have selective effects in encouraging another tissue at a different site in the body to produce hormonal materials, which then may affect a final target tissue and change its physiological function. This will happen only if target specific polypeptides from specific organs are present.

The rationale for use of glandular tissue concentrates is based on a simple and universal concept “like heals like.” If an organ or gland is functioning poorly, consumption of healthy cells or concentrates can support the function of that organ. The active factors lie in the water-soluble fraction of the tissues, especially in the various peptides, polypeptides, proteins and enzymes. Even though much of this material, when taken orally, is denatured and hydrolyzed by digestion, varying amounts survive gastrointestinal passage and are taken up intact. Many of these materials are so potent that even in microgram quantities, they can have a profound physiological effect on their target organs. In addition, many of these protein-like materials exert their effect primarily on the organ, which produces them or on a closely related tissue, in this case the heart.

Addressing cardio-metabolic health by dealing with nutrients to support the causes, not the symptoms, should be the number one priority, particularly for those aged 50+.

8. The Body’s Electrical System
Minerals are vital in order to support healthy heart muscle function— they are the electrical system of the body. Magnesium, potassium and calcium play important roles in healthy heart muscle function. The formula in Cardio Rejuvenation provides the calcium, magnesium, selenium, chromium, potassium and taurine along with the raw heart concentrate and the herb, hawthorn, to provide an easy, effective formula for overall cardiovascular support, Naturally.

Gloria Gilbere, DAHom, PhD

Dr. Gloria Gilbère (CDP, DA Hom, ND, PhD, DSC, EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist, Certified HTMA Practitioner) is Founder/CEO of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation – after 22 years of owning/operating two health clinics in Idaho she relocated her Health Sciences/Research/Cooking Institute division to Cotacachi, Ecuador, S.A.

Her worldwide consulting via phone and Skype continues as does the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Idaho. Visit her website at or call (888.352.8175) to schedule a consultation or register for her post-graduate courses.

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