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The Mother Earth prescription?

That's right.

What it means is that you need to connect to the ground beneath your feet because it packs surprising health benefits for your cardiovascular system—and the rest of you as well - through improvements like these:

  1. Thinner blood and enhanced blood flow
  2. Reduced inflammation
  3. Improved blood pressure
  4. A calmer nervous system

Here's the background:
It's a well-established, but little known scientific fact that the surface of the Earth contains a subtle, natural, negative electric charge. You may have felt it sometime when walking along the wet sand at the beach and noticed a bit of tingling or warmth in your feet. That's it. You were getting charged up by Mother Earth.

A good thing!
The Earth is like a gigantic battery circling around the sun. And pulsating throughout the surface of the planet is an unseen and virtually limitless reservoir of sub-atomic particles called electrons. Constantly replenished and stimulated by the sun, lightning, and the deep-down molten core, they vibrate at different frequencies and give our landmasses and oceans a subtle negative charge.

Electrons are used by your body as antioxidants to keep oxidative damage and inflammation in check. You get antioxidant electrons in your food. But you can get them – and big time – if you connect with the Earth.

Modern lifestyle has largely disconnected us. We rarely walk barefoot outside. We no longer sleep on the Earth. We no longer use animal hides for footwear and bedding that conduct the Earth's energy – in the form of electrons - into our body. These practices were part of ordinary living throughout virtually all of history. We have replaced traditional leather (made from hides) with synthetic soled shoes of plastic and rubber that insulate us, blocking the energy underfoot when we sit, stand, walk, or run outside. Many of us live and work far above the ground in multi-story buildings.

I believe this disconnect is a missing link, an overlooked cause of the ever rising inflammation-driven chronic disease epidemic.

More than 20 studies along with feedback from thousands of people around the world, reveal that reconnecting with the Earth's natural surface energy offers a broad array of major health and healing benefits. You can reconnect by routinely going outdoors barefoot or sleeping, sitting, or relaxing indoors in contact with specially designed and inexpensive conductive grounding sheets, mats, and body bands that are connected with a cord to the ground wire of a wall outlet.

One of the major benefits is better blood flow. You don't have to be a doctor to understand the importance of good flowing blood that's able to pass through thousands of miles of blood vessels to provide your heart as well as the many trillions of cells throughout your body with adequate oxygen and nutrients. Thick, sludgy blood doesn't move through efficiently and is typically found in patients with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Thick blood means inflamed blood, predisposing you to red blood cell clumping and abnormal clotting that requires the heart to work much harder to pump blood. I have always told my patients I want to see their blood have the consistency of flowing wine, not sludgy like ketchup.

Several years ago, I participated in a formal study to investigate whether grounding impacts blood flow. Indeed it does, the experiment indicated, and dramatically so. Take a look at this short video clip ( showing a before-and-after blood sample from the study, evidence of a dynamically enhanced blood thinning effect - better flow and less clumping of blood cells. The study1 was published in 2013.

Two subsequent studies2,3 utilizing imaging technology demonstrated that grounding improves blood flow to the face and throughout the abdomen. One likely benefactor of this effect is complexion. Indeed, many people, and particularly women who are more apt to notice such things, have told me they look healthier and more youthful after they start to ground themselves.

Another pilot study will be published in the near future describing a positive effect of grounding on hypertension (high blood pressure). This common condition, often caused by stress, is associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease.

In my experience, grounding provides a natural tool for helping bring down high blood pressure. I have frequently heard comments about improved blood pressure from people after they start grounding. Some individuals have said that their doctors have been able to reduce their medication dosage, and, in some case, eliminate medication altogether.

Grounding benefits high blood pressure by reducing inflammation and pain, promoting better sleep, normalizing the stress hormone cortisol, and exerting a calming effect on the nervous system.

Much more scientific investigation is obviously needed. But the implications are apparent and significant. The Earth is foundational for health and a major healing booster. Space doesn't allow me to go into all the surprising details and systemic benefits of grounding, and how this natural and utterly low-tech discovery helps you function better, feel better, and look better. I invite you to learn more by reading the Earthing book (which I co-authored) as well visiting the informational website

Caution:Grounding and Blood Thinning Medication
If you take a pharmaceutical anticoagulant, consult first with your doctor before grounding. Earthing has a blood thinning effect, as described in this article. The combination of medication and Earthing may possibly cause excessive thinning of the blood and an alteration of blood measurement values.

With approval from your doctor, you can start grounding minimally, with perhaps a barefoot walk in the park, or sitting barefoot in a grassy yard for an hour or so, or while watching TV in contact with an indoor Earthing product. Monitor blood frequently in the very beginning to determine, under your physician's supervision, whether the medication dosage may be adjusted.

Earthing exposure can be increased gradually but with careful monitoring. If you take prescription medication, please refer to this article on Earthing and medication. (

If you are under the care of a physician and are interested in grounding, speak to your doctor before starting.


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Stephen T Sinatra, MD

Dr. Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist and certified bioenergetics analyst who also uses complementary nutritional and psychological therapies at his New England Heart Center in Manchester, CT. He is the author of Lose to Win: A Cardiologist’s Guide to Weight Loss, Optimum Health, The CoenzymeQ10 Phenomenon and, Heart Sense for Women, published by LifeLine Press.