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Dr. Rulin Xiu

Now based on the Big Island of Hawaii, Rulin was born and raised in China. Dr. Xiu received her doctorate degree from UC Berkeley in 1994 for her research on string theory and grand unification theory (GUT). She is also an entrepreneur, herbalist, singer, healer, an avid gardener, and author. Her previous work includes the book Divine Love, and she hopes to inspire readers around the world to an understanding of the importance of soul and knowledge of how to heal and revitalize this important cornerstone of our lives. As a dedicated student of Master Sha, Dr. Xiu devotes her life to seeking the ultimate truth.

Pearl powder was the Chinese imperial family's dental care product for thousands of years. Chinese emperors, empresses, and royalty took pearl powder internally and externally brushed their teeth with it for stronger and whiter teeth.

It is recorded history that Egyptian queen Cleopatra took pearl powder internally for beauty.

In Mayan ruins, archaeologists discovered human teeth that were more than 1,000 years old, which had pearl fillings in the cavities. To their...