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Elizabeth Plourde, PhD

Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, PhD is a health educator with degrees in both biological science and psychology. She is a North American Menopause Society certified menopause practitioner (NCMP), a licensed clinical laboratory scientist (CLS), as well as an advisory board member of the American Anti-Cancer Institute. She teaches her clients how to become informed consumers and their own health care advocates; with the goal that everyone obtains life-long vibrant health and vitality. and superior achievement in private practice.


We have been told for years that the sun’s rays are harmful and we all need to slather on sunscreen chemicals to protect from skin cancers and skin aging.

The truths are that sunscreen use actually leads to: increased risks of cancer and increased photoaging.

Being a scuba diver and lover of coral reefs, I became very interested in sunscreens when my research uncovered that sunscreen chemicals kill coral within 96 hours of contact. Proof that sunscreens are...