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I write this investigative report as a recovered victim of fibromyalgia, and as a practitioner counseling thousands worldwide who experience a variety of pain and inflammatory syndromes, fibromyalgia-type pain the most prevalent. Therefore, my commitment to finding adjunct natural non-toxic therapies is a must.

As the four-term past-president of an international fibromyalgia organization and the numbers of those afflicted rising to epidemic proportions, now estimated to be one in every fifty people, my commitment of reporting the latest identified causes, effects and non-drug solutions is one I take very seriously, both in my private virtual global practice and that of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, which I founded more than twenty years ago.

Fibromyalgia Pain Matters
Fibromyalgia includes widespread pain in muscles, soft and connective tissues and is diagnosed by identifying multiple tender/ trigger spots. For those not afflicted, or newly diagnosed, there’s a lot of confusion because fibromyalgia is a syndrome— meaning its underlying causes are many. In addition, the overall lack of support and validation that what you’re experiencing is a REAL disorder, because it is mostly “invisible,” is an added emotional toxic burden that only serves to add to the syndrome. All that said, its victims feel like they’ve been through a war without a weapon—they have, the fibro war to fight underlying causal enemies that contribute to widespread pain that is mostly invisible.

Fibromyalgia pain is relentless severe aching and/or throbbing, stabbing and shooting pain that feels like deep bruises. One thing that cannot be disputed, the pain is REAL and it erodes quality of life for those affected. In addition, newer research shows that those with fibro experience associated changes in their brain chemistry that causes over-stimulation of nerves or hypersensitivity to pain stimuli—usually brought on by chronic stress and/or trauma (emotional or physical).

Scientifically Speaking
Research has now led to acceptance of fibromyalgia as a legitimate condition with precise identifiable symptoms—in prior years it was considered “questionable” and possibly related to strictly emotional and/or hormonal imbalances and stresses, especially in women.

I love to quote a medical doctor and environmental health specialist who I have great respect for, Sherry Rogers, MD. She’s as perplexed as most patients about the lack of medical validation of the syndrome and gives an example of conventional medicine dealing with symptom-care and not validating that the condition of fibromyalgia and chemical sensitivities are real. “These syndromes are NOT a deficiency of Prozac.” In other words, the condition is not all in your head just because the pain is invisible—not something a little anti-depressant can handle!

Fibromyalgia Versus Arthritis Pain
Fibromyalgia pain is very different than that of arthritis—fibro pain is widespread like arthritis but occurs in the muscles, tendons and ligaments as opposed to joint pain in arthritis. Another distinction in the two disorders is that arthritis damages tissues and bone whereas fibromyalgia does not.

In fibromyalgia, most lab tests usually come back with results reporting, “You’re within ‘normal’ range.” All the exams and tests available will never completely pinpoint the exact syndrome of fibromyalgia because its causes are varied yet have many common denominators such as:

  • Overall flu-like muscle tenderness that doesn’t go away, or returns without warning;
  • Restorative sleep eludes you—you often wake up stiff and achy;
  • Unresolved fatigue—even if you do get restorative sleep occasionally;
  • Your brain feels like it’s in a fog;
  • Digestive disorders, never before experienced, are now daily occurrences (heartburn, acid reflux, constipation/ incomplete or infrequent elimination, abdominal pain and/or bloating;
  • Frequent headaches and/or migraines;
  • Challenges with equilibrium;
  • Blurred vision and/or extreme dry eyes;
  • Tender points in areas where muscles and tendons come together;
  • Muscle knots (called fibro-knots) are also injured myofascial tissue, muscle cramping;
  • Stiffness, especially in the morning or after periods of inactivity;
  • New or accelerated food and environmental allergic responses;
  • Chest pain unrelated to a heart condition yet concerning;
  • Shortness of breath with no other medical reason;
  • Nasal congestion not related to allergies;
  • Irritable bowel/interstitial cystitis/leaky gut/Crohn’s, etc.
  • Sweating without warning or other underlying conditions such as menopause;
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities also known as multiple allergic responses;
  • Vulvodynia (vulvar pain);
  • Extremities feel, and often are, swollen;
  • Tender and swollen lymph nodes/glands;
  • Extreme dry and/or burning eyes and mouth;
  • Sensations of tingling and numbness not related to diabetes;
  • Irregular heart beat and/or palpitations not related to other conditions.
  • Fibro Accelerators
  • Weather—particularly cold, damp climates with sudden changes in barometric pressure;
  • Hormonal fluctuations;
  • Un-restorative sleep;
  • Chronic stress that precipitates flare-ups, especially when experiencing acute stresses/verbal abuse/lack of support and validation of your condition;
  • Sensory overload, including:
  • Loud noises
  • Bright lights, especially in the bedroom—sleeping spaces need to be as dark as possible
  • Multiple conversations simultaneously like in a noisy restaurant or in public places
  • Prescription medications as well as over-the-counter medications taken regularly;
  • Odors, especially synthetic fragrances, but also essential oils when the body is extremely toxic and detoxification protocols have not been implemented to reduce toxic burden in the liver;
  • Electro-magnetic energy fields like those from:
  • cell or cordless phones
  • computers
  • electric cars
  • close proximity to power wires and/or transformers, cell towers/transmitters, digital clocks and devices, electrical and security system panels, etc.

Fibromyalgia Facts

  • Current statistics report that approximately up to eight percent of the general population (about 15 million) are diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the U.S. alone—that doesn’t count the ones not medically-diagnosed, estimated to be another 12–15 million (journal of American College of Rheumatology, 2004, JAMA 311 (15), 16 April 2014).
  • Fibromyalgia affects people of all ages and genders although more women are diagnosed with the syndrome than
  • men.
  • Approximately one-quarter of fibro-affected people are so severely affected they become work-disabled.
  • Fibromyalgia is the 2nd most common ailment affecting the musculoskeletal system after osteoarthritis (journal of American College of Rheumatology, 2004).
  • 90 percent of fibromyalgia patients experience jaw and/or facial tenderness that can develop into a disorder called TMJ (Fibromyalgia Network, 1999).
  • Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is derived from the New Latin, fibro—meaning “fibrous tissues” and Greek, myo— meaning “muscle” and the Greek word algos, “pain.” Therefore the term fibromyalgia literally means “muscle and connective tissue pain.”

Research, Support and Non-toxic Solutions for Fybromyalgia
As a recovered victim, and because my practice predominantly counsels patients with fibromyalgia and multiple allergic responses, I founded The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation™ (IWR) to provide post-graduate courses to find and implement non-drug options to resolve underlying causes of invisible illnesses, and also to further my commitment of uncovering what works and what doesn’t and sharing that for the benefit of those who are seeking real solutions.

As part of its educational commitment, IWR’s education focuses on identifying causes, effects and non-toxic solutions to invisible illnesses. IWR will be providing one-day Summits in multiple cities nationwide and internationally with speakers that include top health professionals who support the Institute’s Mission Statement of wholistic health—healing modalities that integrate centuries-old and new protocols that are safe, effective, non-toxic and deal with resolving underlying causes.

Additionally, the Institute is now publishing an eMagazine called, Invisible Illnesses SOLVED—covering Fibromyalgia/ Inflammatory Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Allergic Responses, Intestinal Disorders and Related Illnesses. It is published six times annually and is available by subscribing to the FREE Health Detective blog at, which is a repository of over 1,700 natural health investigative reports sent to your email at no charge twice a month. It currently has over 91,000 readers worldwide. The new eMagazine will be six issues annually and cost $12.

Safe Pain & Inflammation Alternatives to Toxic Drugs
I am regularly asked what nutraceuticals and dietary changes I use and advocate to reduce inflammation and end fibromyalgia. In this report I’m outlining two proprietary medical foods I use that have demonstrated successful results when used as directed. I looked for years for a supplement that would reduce inflammation and help all three phases of detoxification: Phase I and II of the liver and Phase III of the kidneys. The only modality that proved effective is the use of proprietary medical food protein shakes, specific ingredients for specific conditions in specific combinations to achieve maximum results.

IWR commissioned Ultimate Clear & Rejuvenate MF to be made to deal with Phase I and II of the liver—the body’s chemical processing plant that becomes unable to neutralize its toxic load when toxins are being “dumped” in faster than its ability to neutralize. When un-neutralized toxins are released and stored, they usually end up in the soft and connective tissues and tendons— the exact sites where fibromyalgia patients experience those unrelenting pain tender spots. That said, you cannot, and should not, detoxify too quickly or you could experience a healing crisis and feel much worse as those stored toxins are released and the liver cannot yet process them so they go back into circulation—causing still more inflammation and pain. It is recommended to begin slowly so you don’t end up with recirculating toxins that can cause a healing crisis.

In addition to slowly beginning a medical food for detoxification, one formulated to reduce overall pain and inflammation, Wholistic Medical Food for IBS & Inflammation, should be used in the same protein shake or green smoothie. These formulas are not available over-the-counter, you must have professional guidance.

As a special offer to readers of Total Health Magazine Online, you can go to my website and schedule a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation for guidance on how best to use these FDA approved proprietary medical foods. This is not meant to replace a new client consultation; it is solely to guide you in the use of medical foods made for The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation.

You schedule your own appointment wherever the calendar shows time slots available. Go to to schedule your FREE consultation.

Gloria Gilbere, DAHom, PhD

Dr. Gloria Gilbère (CDP, DA Hom, ND, PhD, DSC, EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist, Certified HTMA Practitioner) is Founder/CEO of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation – after 22 years of owning/operating two health clinics in Idaho she relocated her Health Sciences/Research/Cooking Institute division to Cotacachi, Ecuador, S.A.

Her worldwide consulting via phone and Skype continues as does the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Idaho. Visit her website at or call (888.352.8175) to schedule a consultation or register for her post-graduate courses.

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