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Jeffrey Smith talks with John about the war on genetically modified food (GMOs) at Expo West in Anaheim. Jeffrey is really optimistic we are closing in on the tipping point. As he pointed out this natural food expo has exploded with non-gmo products. But the key, according to Jeffrey, is not the already educated organic shopper but the fact we are getting to Walmart and other big box store shoppers. We do not have to wait for labeling or the government to save us. He points out the bottom line which is shopping with your wallet. Corporations are all about profit. If they see their sales diminishing while organic sales continue to skyrocket they will do the work for us. Shareholders will not give a damn if their share value is plummeting due to organic sales. They will demand change.

It is up to us, the converted and informed, to continue to press forward. Feed our families organic to avoid the debilitating health effects of highly processed and GMO based foods. Talk to your friends and family members about the research that shows how GMOs are being linked to skyrocketing disease rates, especially gut related diseases and conditions.

Fight back with your wallet.

John Barson

John has been working in the health industry since he built his first health website in 1996. That same year he designed and built the first Healthy Living Guide (magazine) website which Yahoo rated as the Best Health Website on the Internet. John is an avid reader, health researcher, writer and long-time radio broadcaster that loves cycling, hiking, sailing, and pretty much any activity that gets him outdoors. For 3 years Mr. Barson broadcast Total Health Radio talk shows from his radio station studio in New Westminster, BC. He is now the web designer/editor/producer and interviewer for TotalHealth magazine.