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Gloria Gilbere, DAHom, PhD

Dr. Gloria Gilbère (CDP, DA Hom, ND, PhD, DSC, EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist, Certified HTMA Practitioner) is Founder/CEO of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation – after 22 years of owning/operating two health clinics in Idaho she relocated her Health Sciences/Research/Cooking Institute division to Cotacachi, Ecuador, S.A.

Her worldwide consulting via phone and Skype continues as does the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Idaho. Visit her website at or call (888.352.8175) to schedule a consultation or register for her post-graduate courses.

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Highly toxic, disease-promoting ingredients THAT ARE LEGAL IN OUR FOOD SUPPLY

Did you know we intake over 150 chemicals, carcinogens and toxins each day? Chemicals invade every aspect of our modern lifestyles from well-known toxins to newer compounds with unknown long-term effects. They build in our bodies and store within the soft and connective tissues, fat cells, and organs of detoxification; kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system. Did you know over 95 percent...

Do You Really Know What You’re Eating?

I’ve previously reported about dangerous ingredients that are legally included in the food we consume and their subsequent health implications.

What if I told you that you’re eating “plastic fat”—the deadliest of ingredients? I’m sorry to say, you are! Research conclusively shows that hydrogenated oils are deadly because they cause, among other disorders, noninsulin dependent Type II diabetes, or...

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study of chemicals found in human body fat through biopsy showed the wide array of toxic chemicals that each of us carries within. The “toxic load,” also known as “total body burden” or “bio-accumulation” occurs when the body exceeds the capacity of the organs of detoxification to reduce or neutralize toxins. Since the end of the Second World War, our planet has been experiencing a dramatic chemical revolution. Our existence, at the cost...

Consumers are Literally Being MILKED of Their Health with Misinformation

I am fighting mad at the statement made by the FDA regarding rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone). Hopefully, reading their quote below will ignite the same disgust in you and spur you to only consider dairy products, or bovine products, from cows that are NOT given any type of growth hormones or antibiotics.

Okay, so golf isn’t your game; maybe its tennis, cycling, dancing, or simply a zest to live life to its fullest. Regardless of age, ethnicity, profession, or financial status, quality of life cannot be obtained while experiencing pain and inflammation, pain that affects the life of the victim, family and friends.

The world of medicine is undergoing a radical upheaval in its understanding of the debilitating, and often life-threatening, diseases of inflammation, including:...

Focus on Health

  • Today’s clothing industry is a seven trillion dollar a year industry that uses an astounding 8,000 synthetic chemicals;
  • Consumers have the mistaken illusion that synthetic fibers in clothing are safe;
  • For over half a century people have been reacting negatively to chemicals interacting with their skin causing disorders like infertility, respiratory diseases, contact dermatitis and, yes, even cancer;
  • The...

Defining MARS

MARS is adverse reactions to toxic chemicals in the air, food, water, and unnatural substances, at concentrations generally considered harmless to the healthy population.

People with MARS manifest acute sensitivity to natural gas fumes, gasoline, paints/varnishes, car exhaust, dyes and chemicals in fabrics, molds, pesticides/herbicides, synthetic clothing and fabrics, synthetic or chemically-treated carpets, cleaning materials, over-the-counter and...