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Gwen Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP

Gwen Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP has been a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist for over 22 years. Gwen specializes in treating adult neurological disorders including dysphagia, voice impairments and cognitive communication deficits. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two teen-aged children.

You are sitting in a restaurant enjoying your juicy steak and garlic mashed potatoes. Laughing and talking, you are not really attending to what’s in your mouth. Before you swallow, you begin to laugh. Upon inhale, a large chunk of un-chewed meat gets sucked into your airway. You try to scream, only to hear tiny whistles from your throat and then you begin to panic. Unable to breathe, you grab your throat in the universal choking sign. Luckily, you are with someone who is...

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