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John Barson

John has been working in the health industry since he built his first health website in 1996. That same year he designed and built the first Healthy Living Guide (magazine) website which Yahoo rated as the Best Health Website on the Internet. John is an avid reader, health researcher, writer and long-time radio broadcaster that loves cycling, hiking, sailing, and pretty much any activity that gets him outdoors. For 3 years Mr. Barson broadcast Total Health Radio talk shows from his radio station studio in New Westminster, BC. He is now the web designer/editor/producer and interviewer for TotalHealth magazine.

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

This is a must have book.

We all know that heart disease is the #1 killer in North America. It claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of people annually. Doctors are working to fight this deadly disease but recent research has created concerns about how we've been treating it. We now know that the emphasis on lowering cholesterol is all wrong, and has been the entire time!

Health Promoting Meals From The True North Kitchen

by Ramses Bravo and Alan Goldhamer

ISBN: 9781570672699
Price: 19.95
Page Count: 160
Publisher: Book Publishing Co.
Publication Year: 2012

You won't catch John Wood on an episode of Criminal Minds but, thanks to the "Cereal Crimes" report from The Cornucopia Institute, John Woods has gone viral on the Internet as a "Cereal Killer."

Mr. Wood is the owner of the Green Grocer, based in R.I. He learned, to his great surprise, the word "Natural" meant something completely different to cereal manufacturers than to him. The Cornucopia report details the use of GMO grains and the presence of pesticide residues in some...