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Judi Quilici-Timmcke, MS

Judi holds a Master's Degree in Dietetics and Exercise Physiology. She was in private practice , as a clinical nutritionist for 12 years in Colorado, including 2 1/2 years for the University of Colorado - Boulder's Human Performance Lab.

She presently operates as a technical consultant for companies in the dietary supplement industry. She performs exhaustive literature reviews on dietary supplements, writes third party scientific reports, formulates products, writes structure/function, gives scientific and educational presentations and investigates opportunities for new and unique ingredients. She has been appointed as a scientist for the AMC Cancer Center in Denver, Colorado, supporting their nutrition research. She also writes nutrition articles for magazines, completed the book New Nutrients Against Cancer and a second with Dr. Tom Slaga on Calcium D-Glucarate. She currently speaks on various nutrition topics on Channel 29 (FOX) News in Florida every week and regularly on radio programs.


High blood pressure, cholesterol and oxidative damage to blood vessel walls are a few cardiovascular disease risk factors. There is no warning for high blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack, without regular checkups. It is a silent killer. Elevated cholesterol and plaque; and oxidative damage in the arteries can take a long time to develop before a heart attack occurs. Most Americans have no perception of what oxidative damage is and that it causes blockage in blood vessel...

Chicken eggs are healthy, but did you know that eggshells have health benefits also? Through the years I have frequently given my four Weimereiners and Bassador (half Bassett hound and half Labrador—quite a specimen) hard boiled eggs including their shell. I never realized the true value of the shell and shell membrane.

Research released by the Women’s Health Initiative ( WHI ) that showed that 1,000 mg calcium and 400 IU vitamin D in healthy postmenopausal women (between the ages of 50 to 79 years) did not reduce the risk of bone fractures. The study did show that the supplementation of calcium and vitamin D, combined with the recommended amount of calcium from the diet, significantly improved hipbone density. This study was a bit discouraging for many women who bank their bone health on just a daily...

Life’s journey brings stress out of nowhere, and it is our ability to cope with it and determine our success of defeating depression and anxiety in order to bring joy. The stresses of life are normal: relationships, work, environmental factors, illness, and other factors all frequently affect our health; but the key for the healthy person is to become educated in the ways to manage it. Diet, exercise, a spiritual component, and learning about dietary supplements such as Suntheanine can...