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The following is an excerpt from Anthony Zolezzi’s “2Steps2YourBest” book that contains a blueprint to help you achieve the abundance and meaning we are all looking for in life. Through “2Steps2YourBest,” you will be able to find the balance that will allow you to uncover your true path.

Before Enlightenment ... Chop Wood And Carry Water.

After Enlightenment ... Chop Wood And Carry Water.

At the nexus of health, wellness and sustainability is where I have placed the focus for most of my career. My approach has been to find problematic gaps in industries and build for-profit businesses around solving those problems. I did this in the organic food business multiple times and most recently was involved with the roll-out of Wild Oats affordable organics as well as Pet Promise, a natural pet food business, and a recycling business, all of which were successful. The success, however, was more than just in profits; it represented a thought process of how individuals, without industry specific experience, can build a new business that is gratifying.

When I work with young entrepreneurs in this health, wellness and sustainability space they ask me how I got started. The answer I always give is that you must take some action toward your goal or objective every day. And when you work with a group of trusted people, you can enhance your momentum.

One day while I was thinking about this concept, a friend called and asked what I was doing and I said, “Just chopping wood.” I caught myself thinking about this proverb and I asked my friend what he thought of it. He said, “Anthony you have said that for the 30 years that I have known you.” That’s when I decided how to explain to entrepreneurs and motivated people I associate with, that if you want to make a difference and solve the difficult problems that we face, you are going to have to chop wood every day.

However this action on its own isn’t enough. You also have to do something for someone else every day, as the proverb says: “carry water.” For me chopping wood is much easier than carrying water everyday, but carrying water is the part that is rewarding and makes you feel good. Even if it’s something as simple as going into your favorite coffee shop and brightening everybody’s day with a big smile, or a genuine “good morning, you wonderful and awesome people.”

I started practicing the carrying water part because the chopping wood I had down pat. Now carrying water has become the favorite part of my day. But to do it I have to remove all negative distractions and work at staying positive and upbeat, operating at a high vibration all the time. With that said, it’s not an easy task in the world we live. I think that ultimately if you have a purpose and a goal, and think about that purpose and goal every day, and then take action daily to support your purpose and goal, you will gain momentum. If you start doing kind things for other people consistently, and consciously, you will be lighter, happier and loving life. This is a critical point I missed in my early career.

I thought if I built a profitable business to fill an industry gap, it would be sustainable for people. But what I have come to realize is that I should have focused on working with people to help them recognize their own personal skills in chopping wood and carrying water. And that if they are happy they will accomplish many things. When you are happy, you are much less inclined to pollute or be unhealthy. This brings me to another key component of chop wood and carry water: it is strenuous and takes stamina. To be able to consistently chop wood every day you will need to have the energy to do it, which means you will have to be conscientious about what you eat, how you sleep, and how you stay in shape. You would never eat toxins that could slow you down or make you lethargic, or stay up all night when your body needs to restore and repair. And you would make sure you are fit and in shape, stretching and moving every day.

I wrote the book, “2Steps2YourBest—Chop Wood and Carry Water” as a free success guide for anyone. Successful and happy people will change everything for all of us. This is the key insight that I missed as an entrepreneur building businesses versus building an army of people with the tools to not only get things done, but to be light, happy and purposeful. Because if you are light and happy you would never pollute or hurt another individual, plant or animal. This is what I believe is total health.

Here are a few key components to consider when working toward “2Steps2YourBest—Chop Wood and Carry Water:”

1. Be Purposeful: have a personal goal and a heartfelt reason for accomplishing it. Find what your soul wants to do, or what you think you want to do, and start chopping wood tomorrow and see where it takes you. Be prepared that you will be uncomfortable, but start building that woodpile. No matter if it is absolutely right or not, just start and write the goal or accomplishment down on a piece of paper or in your digital notes and start chopping; don’t question, just go with where it takes you, and enjoy the process.

2. Make sure you are mindful about “carrying water” and doing something for someone else. Be mindful that every day you are going to help. It could be as simple as making the barista smile or telling your friend or significant other how awesome they are and surprise them with flowers, chocolates, nice words or even eyes that look at them and say without a word, “you are beautiful.”

3. Be mindful of what you eat since you will need stamina. The energy it takes to chop wood every day requires a clean diet of whole nutritious foods heavy in vegetables and clean proteins like grass-fed beef, grass-fed milk or goat milk products. Vegetables should be abundant in every meal. And, whenever possible, always eat organic because the pesticides in the food will slow you down. Your body requires extra energy to fight off toxins and pesticides.

4. Remember that daily exercise is crucial. Needless to say, you are going to have to be in good shape to chop wood every day so proper stretching and exercise is a must. These exercises can be random—in fact it’s actually better if they are! Try not to get in the trap that I get in, which is doing the same routine every day. Try and mix it up with some yoga, some stretching or some weight training.

5. Get enough rest. The other most under-utilized key to giving you the energy to chop wood is rest, sleep and restoration. Sleep is so important as it is the time when all the cells of the body are healing and recharging. Make it a goal to get at least eight hours of sleep per night.

6. Be proud of you. Do you know how awesome you are for taking this challenge on and chopping wood and carrying water?

7. Smile. Do this always, and to everyone, because you are changing the world.

Download a free copy of “2Steps2YourBest” at:

Anthony Zolezzi

Anthony Zolezzi, is a serial entrepreneur who plays a leading role in advising corporations on ways to innovate with their existing strengths given the expectations of today’s socially conscious culture, while increasing profitability and uncovering new innovations. His work has resulted in numerous entrepreneurial companies and product developments focused on sustainability and health. Sign up for more inspirations on his website and follow him on Twitter @anthonyzolezzi.