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Maggie Lane

Health & Wellness Nutrition Coach, Maggie Lane is a multi-platformed health and wellness, fitness professional, master trainer and diamond Beachbody coach who inspires others to live a well-balanced happier and healthier fit life.

As long as she can remember, fitness has always been a constant in her life. And she simply cannot imagine her life without movement and motion. An athlete of many forms, Maggie is a former elite international gymnast, NCAA Division I Spring Board Diver, and a NPC National Bikini Competitor. Certified as a health & wellness coach, nutrition coach and personal trainer, Maggie has certifications from the following certification boards: NAFC, NASM, AFAA, AFAA Biggest Loser Pro, NAFC Group Fitness, POP Pilates and Tabata Body Official, Maggie is also Yoga Alliance and USA Gymnastics certified. She is also a Master Trainer for NAFC in Group Fitness and Personal Training.

Maggie is also a featured health and wellness expert and hostess on and AFAA. You can see Maggie on the cover of the AFAA magazine and banners.

As Halloween is just around the corner, there will be goody bags filled with candy galore, and carb-based comfort foods crowding the countertops waiting to be devoured. Since such carbohydrates are here to stay, perhaps it is time to “make nice” with these sweet and savory frightfully feared carbohydrate based foods and start eating the right ones the right way?

It is clear by trending popularity that the low-carb diet is the common approach for short and rapid...

Often times after summer, we fall out of the fitness mentality and into the warm comforts of autumnal bliss. Sitting in front of the fire, we forget to move, and the idea of body awareness, movement and breath falls out the window. Instead of playing sports, we begin to watch them.

This fall, what can we do differently? How can we break our habits and increase our mindfulness, and mind-body relationship with itself and our environment?

Below are several ways to keep...