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Mary Saunders

Mary Saunders has over 25 years of experience in Oriental medicine, Mary is a practitioner, an educator, and a coach who speaks from a place of direct experience. She is the author of Rhythms Of Change: Reclaiming Your Health Using Ancient Wisdom And Your Own Common Sense.

Walking with my friend Stephanie the other day offered one of those sought after but elusive “ah ha!” moments. She was speaking of her frustration with the conflicting advice she has received over the years for digestive problems and fatigue. She concluded by asking me, “What do you think?” She had asked me this numerous times before and I was feeling very impatient with her. I blurted out my response, unmodulated by convention or trying to be nice. “You are an...

Are we in some kind of alternate universe where the American Psychiatric Association diagnoses a woman who isn’t that into sex with a mental disorder? It seems so. Flibanserin, the female sexual-dysfunction drug marketed as Addyi, has recently been approved by the FDA as a remedy for a premenopausal woman’s lack of interest in sex. The official diagnosis, generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is included in the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of...

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