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Mike Durbin, PhD

Dr. Mike Durbin has a PhD in Microbiology/Immunology and is General Manager–Wellness at Manuka Health New Zealand. He has extensive experience in multiple business environments including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare.

He is passionate about raising awareness of the bioactive properties contained in Manuka honey and other native New Zealand flora and fauna, and supporting that with strong science-based research and new delivery technologies.


Looking through the world’s history books, honey pops up time and time again, including in records from the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. As well as being a desired food, it is also one of the oldest known medicines, with famous philosophers, such as Aristotle and Dioscorides, mentioning it being used for ulcers, wounds and even a salve for sore eyes.

In more recent years, MGO Manuka honey, sourced from the wildest, most beautiful areas of New Zealand, has...