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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the April 2019 issue of TotalHealth Magazine.

This month Media Review features “The Backyard Herbal Apothecary, Effective Medicinal Remedies Using Commonly Found Herbs And Plants,” by Devon Young. This will be of interest to all from the serious herbalist to the individual wondering what those weeds are that live along the highway to the unidentified plants that may live in your yard.

Truth is told in “Is Coffee A Health Drink,” by Charles K. Bens, PhD. As you may have guessed it does take moderation into account. However, after reading Bens’ article this month you’ll go beyond giving it a second thought as you drink your next cup of Joe.

Solubilized Keratin For Improving Hair Growth and Appearance, While Reducing Hair Loss,” Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, RH(AHG), it’s a popular topic for many of us. First, you’ll learn a few facts about hair, and its structure. Followed with a discussion on a combination of nutraceuticals that have been clinically demonstrated to improve hair growth and quality.

Hunger Hormones and Smart Fats,” Ann Louise Gittleman’s, PhD, CNS, focus is on several hormones (Ghrelin, Leptin) that you may not be very familiar with. Gittleman explains the how, why, and where of the two and how they affect your hunger hormone CCK. Included you’ll hear the familiar “don’t skip breakfast.” Prepare to read how the body addresses different issues during your hours of sleep—starting with the best sleep being before midnight.

Jacob E. Teitelbaum, MD, offers “A Beginner’s Guide To Central Sensitization Pain.” Here’s a very simple overview. Pain is the body’s way of saying that something needs attention. He makes a good analogy saying, a gardener struggles with weeds in his garden to the point of becoming manic—pain is the body’s way of saying attention is needed. Dr. T. offers a half dozen medications for the pain. Fibromyalgia pain is central sensitization, although this is just one of seven key types of fibromyalgia pain.

Gloria Gilbère, CDP, DAHom, PhD, contributes “Dr. Gloria’s Chocolate Mousse Recipe With A Twist!” Another of Gilbère’s fabulous recipes from her test kitchen in Ecuador. In addition to this great recipe Gilbère offers readers an opportunity to download a free copy of her 40+ page recipe sampler “The Anti-Inflammation Advantage,” her new Anti-inflammation cookbook and cooking classes in its first season see the announcement following the article.

Pearl powder is not well known today for dental health. But pearl has been used for dental health going back thousands of years to the Mayans, Cleopatra, and Chinese royal families. Dr. Rulin XIU tells us a little bit of the history behind pearl powder and the much more recent history of the science proving it works in "Ancient Royal Tooth and Gum Care Secret Finds Scientific Proof."

Shawn Messonnier’s, DVM, topic this month is “For Pets With Asthma.” Discussed are Ephedra, Coltsfoot, Lobelia, and Feverfew. Their therapeutic uses and safety concerns are included, as always Dr. Shawn’s suggestion is to always consult with your vet before giving your pet supplements and or medications.

Best in health,

TWIP—The Wellness Imperative People

Click here to read the full April 2019 issue.

Click here to read the full April 2019 issue.

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