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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the September 2017 issue of TotalHealth Online.

"Do Oral Contraceptives Contribute To Hair Loss In Women?" asks Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN. He addresses the nutrient depletions caused by oral contraceptives that could cause or contribute to women's hair loss. Women account for 40 percent of hair loss suffers, and women who have a family history of hair loss are at greater risk of experiencing hair loss from taking oral contraceptives and his focus is on the nutrient depletions caused by oral contraceptives.

Dallas Clouatre's, PhD, article, "What If Gluten Isn't The Culprit?" asks if the answer is to avoid all gluten-containing foods, such as wheat, oats, rye, barley and spelt. This may be the answer for some of us. However, "there is little evidence that gluten per se is the culprit." Clouatre cautions we should be aware that the "gluten-asvillain story" has quite serious skeptics. He goes on to share the evidence in his well referenced article.

In "Turn Hormone Havoc Into Hormone Heaven," Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, presents a preview of her revised and updated New York Times bestseller "Before the Change." Of interest to women of all ages Gittleman explains how hormones work, the importance of fats in your diet (the right kind of fats), supplements, and the right type of exercise.

In "Recovering From Cancer Related Fatigue," Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, focuses on providing relief for the over 70 percent of people receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy for their cancer and who suffer from severe fatigue. He provides a recommendation for nutritional support and four steps an individual can take advantage of to provide relief on the effects of chemotherapy and radiation for treating cancer.

Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, RH(AHG), in "Nutraceuticals For Asthma," reminds us of the antigens such as grass and tree pollens, mold spores, fungi, animal dander, dust mites, and certain foods etc., that can led to asthma. But are you aware of the vitamin supplements and nutraceuticals, which are available to help our lungs to stay clear. Read on for healthy suggestions.

Gloria Gilbère, CDP, DAHom, PhD, presents, "Summer Corn Salad...South American Style." All of her recipes are easy to make, include nightshade free and healthy ingredients. Included are the health benefits of each ingredient that is not included with most recipes.

Elson Haas, MD, has included staying healthy with the seasons in his forty years of medical practice in, "Ten Tips On Staying Healthy with Autumn." He expands on the harvest and draws parallels for us to incorporate as good timing for detox and preparing for winter and the holidays. Suggestions and advice from one of TotalHealth's experts in his field of health.

Shawn Messonnier, DVM, includes our pets with, "Calcium Use For Your Pets." He also gives us insight into calcium use for ourselves. Remember to always consult with your veterinarian before supplementing your pets' diet.

Best in health,

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Click here to read the full September issue.

Click here to read the full September issue.

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