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For Immediate Release

Arlington Heights, IL ---January 2014--- Carlson Laboratories Reacts to Recent Study on Vitamin E in Relation to Fractures in Elderly Women and Men. According to a recent study in the January 2014 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled, "Intake and Serum Concentrations of α-tocopherol in Relation to Fractures in Elderly Women and Men: 2 Cohort Studies," the use of vitamin E alpha-tocopherol supplements may decrease the risk of bone fractures in the elderly. Researchers used data collected over a period of nineteen years from 14,738 women. An 86% increased rate of hip fracture was indicated in women with low levels of alpha-tocopherol. Study participants who used a supplement containing vitamin E alpha tocopherol were associated with a reduction in the rate of hip fracture by 22% and a 14% reduction in rate of any fracture. Similar effects were identified in men, per data collected over twelve years in 1,138 participants.

"As the aging population grows, finding ways for them to live healthy high quality lives is imperative. For years research has been revealing the benefits of vitamin E," stated Carilyn Anderson, President of Carlson Laboratories. "We are thrilled to see a research study involving vitamin E and the elderly."

Carlson Laboratories has always believed in the superior benefits of their pure, natural-source vitamin E. These beliefs were bolstered when several scientists determined, not only is natural-source vitamin E better absorbed from our digestive system than synthetic vitamin E, it is retained in the body longer. Natural-source vitamin E is twice as active as synthetic vitamin E inside the human body. Fortunately, taking vitamin E supplements, like Carlson E-Gems, is an easy way to obtain this powerful antioxidant.

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