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CREATIVE BIOSCIENCE® Lives Up To Its Name, Again:

Creative Bioscience's® extensive R & D brings creativity and ingenuity to their proven, deep-rooted knowledge of bioscience in these HOT new formulas

Salt Lake City, UT August, 2015 Utah-based Creative Bioscience® is proud to announce a major expansion of the company's well-established award-winning products with the introduction of two brand new, significant line extensions with a grand total of 20 new products: 13 Daily Lifestyle SKUs and 7 Active Nutrition SKUs. Creative Bioscience is excited to bring these innovative, cutting edge products to market, culminating years of Research and Development, and utilizing the absolute latest scientifically advanced ingredients, proving --once again -- how aptly named the company is.

All of these Creative Bioscience® products are gluten free, GMO-free, all natural, and made here in the USA in GMP-approved facilities. The company is committed to providing consistent, high quality, third party tested, dynamic products that are safe, efficacious and easy to use.

EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY: New Daily Lifestyle Line
Each product has been created with the mindset of making every day a good, healthy day for men and women, of all ages. After years in development, these sophisticated products include a synergistic, balanced blend of the newest, hottest, scientifically proven ingredients. Do your customers come in seeking help for sleeplessness? For immune system health? For combating mental fatigue? Help with sustaining brain power? Assistance with all of the daily liver functions? Interested in looking better with smoother skin? Less wrinkles? Wanting to lessen their daily Stress? Seeking an effective Cleanse, detox and Probiotic (as well as prebiotic) help with digestion? Creative Bioscience® now offers ALL these solutions!

Ike Blackmon, Executive Director of Creative Bioscience, stated "After years of diligent research, we're very proud to bring these 20 new, meticulously created, dynamic products to the natural health industry. We are confident that customers will be delighted with the array of natural solutions we've designed that help make it easy to maintain good health on a daily basis."

Each and every formula is a shining example of painstaking attention to nutritional detail: For example, in the Anti-Aging Formula, not only does it contain the daily dose of Vitamins A, D, E and C, but includes powerful support with the unique addition of Phytoceramides. In their Beauty Formula, they've included the highly touted Biocell Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II. In both the Brain Formula and the Mental Performance Formula, the carefully selected, well balanced ingredients have been shown to be effective in supporting brain wellness by improving circulation and nerve health. The Joint Formula has the unusual combination of Tart cherry, ginger and Biocell Hydrolized Collagen Type II. The unique blend found in the Liver Formula includes not only Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, NAC and ALA, but also Dandelion Extract, designed to enhance liver health and deep detoxification. Sleep Formula's combination of Lemon Balm, CA Poppy extract, Valerian Root extract and Passionflower work together to promote calm that leads to healthy sleep. The Stress Formula packs a powerful way to de-stress and calm the body with its inclusion of Magnesium, Ashwaganda, L-Theanine and Rhodiola. Both the Cleanse Formula and the Diet Detox Formulas have been created to support healthy fat-fighting and detoxification by gentle, effective daily elimination. The Probiotic Formula is what's called "symbiotic" because it contains both prebiotics AND probiotics in its specific bacteria strains that have been shown to help digestion. The Pure Protein Sprinkles is a potent, unflavored serving of whey protein isolate, offering 6 grams of pure protein in 1 Tablespoon of powder that is Gluten free, sugar free and GMO-free. And Pure Fiber Sprinkles offers unflavored 100% Acacia fiber with 6 grams of fiber in each one tablespoon serving. Also included in this line is their already proven, superior Coconut Oil, cold pressed, unrefined, 100% virgin softgels.

Whether your customers are regular gym-goers, or weekend warriors, or if they run, jog, play racquetball, do yoga, hit the recumbent bike, swim laps, or chase their three year old around the block, CB has got a solution for the exact supplement they need. CB has formulated these products to offer support to "everyday athletes" and on all levels of activity, including day workers, night shifters, Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Grandpas and Grandmas, and everyone else who MOVES!

Pure BCAA, Pure Creatine, Pure HMB, Pure Protein Fiber Mix, Pure Fiber, Pure Veggie Protein, and Pure Whey Protein. These are ALL unflavored, so they are much more "user-friendly" for everyone, no matter what the level of physical activity they exert. Mix these in water, tea, or ANY of your favorite uncarbonated beverages easily, or sprinkle on your favorite foods.

As with each and every product, the focus at Creative Bioscience is always on the successful combination of research, technology, and innovation. Director of Research and Development, Arica West, states "We're very excited about these two new lines, where we spent years finding the unique, well-researched ingredients from GMP-approved and FDA-inspected laboratories that make each formula safe, easy to take, and extremely efficacious."

Each label in the Creative Bioscience line has been beautifully redesigned. The new labels create an artistic, colorful, eye-catching display. The variety of color and other design elements will all serve to make Creative Bioscience's products highly noticeable on any shelf.

Founded in 2010, Creative Bioscience® has established an excellent reputation for their flagship products designed for healthy weight loss, detoxification and healthy living. Each and every supplement Creative Bioscience® offers is manufactured in GMP-approved facilities, right here in the United States, following rigorous research and testing of each dynamic formula.

Another high standard that has been well established by Creative Bioscience® is their consistent delivery of the best customer service and support. One of their flagship services is their outstanding Customer Support Team, a dedicated group of well-trained, USA-based people who are always standing by to answer any and all supplement related questions. The company welcomes all inquiries by calling 877-744-1224 anytime. This is free, unlimited and live support, a rarity these days! For more information, call 877-744-1224 and visit

PRESS CONTACT: Linda Roxanne Bryer, 831-479-8725 or 831-588-8767

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