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PRESS CONTACT: Linda Roxanne Bryer
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Euromed's most recent entry in Botanical Extracts - Pomanox™ -- is honored as a Finalist for NutraIngredients Awards "Ingredient of the Year for the Healthy Ageing" Category

Bridgeville, PA March 29th, 2018
Once again, Euromed - a long time industry leader in creating traditional and innovative botanical extracts - has been acknowledged as such. Their latest ingredient, PomanoxTM, an extract from Pomegranate whole fresh fruit, has been given the honor of being one of only three (3) ingredients up for the prestigious award as Ingredient of the Year for Healthy Ageing. It was just late last year that Euromed announced their acquisition of Probelte Biotechnology, a premium manufacturer of nutraceutical ingredients, and the originator of this unique pomegranate ingredient.

It is a significant honor for Euromed to have one of their premium botanical extracts be one of the top three ingredients included in the all-encompassing Healthy Ageing Category. The reasons for that is the abundance of scientific evidence about this potent, pure extract of the Pomegranate fruit that Euromed manufactures through an innovative and patented water only extraction technology. Pomanox is the result of more than 7 years of research and development by Probelte Bio, a Spanish company that was recently added to the Euromed platform. This new production plant further expands Euromed's capabilities with very modern state of the art facilities and the added value of a water-based extraction and eco-friendly technologies and extracts.

PomanoxTM is a pomegranate extract standardized to up 30% of the potent polyphenols Punicalagins from a fully integrated supply chain controlling each step of this pomegranate's cultivation, harvesting and collection. The hallmarks of Euromed's commitments are: Vertical integration, Quality Control and full traceability.

In vitro, pre-clinical and clinical studies indicate that PomanoxTM can support key functions of the cardiovascular system, notably endothelial functions, while providing additional health benefits relevant to healthy ageing, such as modulation of inflammatory and metabolic responses, reduction of blood pressure, anti-oxidant, and anti-fatigue effects. Additionally, proprietary data suggests beneficial effects on the intestinal flora, among others. Further studies are planned.

Guy Woodman, General Manager of Euromed USA, enthused "The extensive research conducted by our Probelte divison prides itself on conducting scientific studies to verify the health benefits of utilizing its botanical products. We're delighted that this 7-year investment in efficacy studies on PomanoxTM, a special patented whole fruit pomegranate extract, was recognized by the industry and is a finalist for a prestigious NutraIngredient Award."

The winners of this prestigious Award will be announced during the upcoming VitaFoods Europe show to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on May 15th to 17th, 2018. Rewarding true innovation, long term market success, and cutting edge research in healthy foods, supplements and functional nutrition, the 2018 Wednesday night NutrIngredients Award gala will host an industry-wide celebration of success. Their expert judging panel has trimmed down the huge number of entries to create a shortlist of finalists that will now go forward for the second round of judging, to take place in Geneva immediately before the winners are announced on day two of the show. It is considered to be a festival of celebration for the nutraceutical and nutritional ingredients world, with large and small scale companies included in the 33-strong shortlist of finalists in ten (10) categories.

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Euromed supplies standardized botanical and herbal extracts and natural active substances for use in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. By standardizing the whole journey, from seed to consumer, the company can guarantee a standardized, precise and consistent level of the beneficial phytochemicals nature has provided, and that each batch of its extracts meets the same profile documented in clinical studies to be safe and effective. Euromed was founded 48 years ago; the company was recently acquired by The Riverside Company, with its US offices located in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. For additional information about Euromed's extracts, call 877-696-3960 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit

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