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Environmental Health

If you're a regular reader of TotalHealth magazine I think it's safe to say you are taking charge of your own health care. Supplements, diet, lifestyle choices etc. are very important but so is the environment within which you live. Many millions of homes are affected by Toxic Building Syndrome. The air inside your home or office can have more than 900 harmful chemicals and organisms in it.

These chemicals can contribute to heart disease, cancer, and much more. So what can you do about it? This bit of advice concerns toxic aerosol products like WD-40®, Kroil®, PB B'laster®, Liquid Wrench®, Trizol®, Bronze Lube, Tapmatic®, and others. Imagine the amount of toxic exposure to you and the environment when you use these products. Think of the millions of empty (hopefully empty) cans disposed of every day in landfills. But more importantly if you use these products in your home or garage think of the chemical exposure. Well, now there is a far better alternative.

PlanetSafe Lubricants are environmentally safe, non-flammable, and non-toxic with proven superior performance to the toxic alternatives

Real Technologies LLC mission is to manufacture and develop safe and effective PlanetSafe Lubricants. All PlanetSafe Lubricants use their proprietary, next generation, biosynthetic cleaning, penetrating lubricant and corrosion preventing technology to ionically bond to surfaces for superior lasting performance even in extreme conditions.
  • Works in extreme environments (-40°F to +450°F, microdust, submerged in ocean, high friction)
  • Ultra-strong ionic bonding providing protection and lubrication with only a few drops
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe with virtually no odor
  • Bio-synthetic nanotechnology reduces friction and heat to provide higher quality and faster production with less cost, even with titanium
  • Does not attract dirt, dust or lint
  • Eliminates rust and corrosion while providing corrosion protection
  • Penetrates quickly through rust and carbon deposits for easy removal of frozen stuck parts

PlanetSafe Lubricants has spent 17 years developing a nano-particle technology that is far superior in application, length of results, and safety. AIM Lube is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and has virtually no smell. It works faster, lasts longer, is impervious to extreme temperatures, takes rust off of everything, and even works under water as evidenced by Hobie Cat who has licensed the technology to provide their kayak owners a solution with very little impact on the environment when they maintain their kayak drive trains.

AIM Lube has thousands of uses from doors, locks, windows, tools, bicycles, sewing machines, drilling, cutting, threading, tapping, cnc machines, band-saws, rusted bolts, exhaust systems (AIM loves heat), manifold repairs, boat repair and maintenance, and so much more.

In California Amtrak has been using AIM for over 3 years. The first thing they saved was about $4,000 every quarter because they no longer had to pay to dispose of toxic aerosol cans. Originally used to maintain doors and moving parts on passenger trains AIM was so successful they brought it into their other departments and machine shops. AIM has replaced the whole category of aerosol products while saving Amtrak a small fortune in California. The employees absolutely love AIM because they can use it all day with no health impact and not go home smelling like a chemical factory.

The pros in the San Diego Marine Industry use and recommend AIM for lubrication and corrosion protection at San Diego Marine Exchange, Pacific Offshore Rigging, Rigworks, Point Loma Sportfishing, and Downwind Marine. They keep finding new uses of AIM for fishing gear, downhauls, windlass, winches, tuna towers, trailer wheel bearings, propeller shaft packing nuts, and much more.

San Diego's Dynamic Marine Machining uses AIM Cutting Fluid in CNC, lathe, and other operations fabricating flawless stainless steel propeller shafts and custom components because AIM quickly produces superior products with greatly reduced galling, spalling and pitting. EHMKE Sheet Metal, San Diego Hydraulics, and Cogswell Marine & Racing use AIM to improve quality, speed up production, and reduce costs. AIM solves the titanium fabrication nightmare.

In Washington County in Utah AIM has become the go-to solution for almost all levels of government from parks and rec, to building maintenance, school bus fleets, and Purgatory Prison.

In Coronado, CA, AIM is the go-to product for the city's vehicle fleet repair and maintenance.

Billabong Sector 9 Skateboards has licensed the technology and markets Bearing Butter to millions of skateboarders. They found AIM was the only product that could stand up to the pressure and heat on long boards travelling 60+ mph. And they love the fact it has no smell, no environmental impact, and no health impact on their customers.

Say goodbye to the toxic products you are currently using and switch to the #1 environmentally and health-safe lubricant for chores around the home and shop.

PlanetSafe AIM website: for more information on how you can contribute to a safer home and work environment while saving money.

Total Health