When, due to prolonged exercise, diet, and/or aging competitive athletes and weekend warriors exceed their natural ability to flush out or neutralize acid wastes, acidic buildup occurs.

Acid Check naturally assists in keeping the blood, cells and tissue free from excessive amounts of acid waste. Acid Check is a health supplement that gives athletes a safe, legal and effective edge.

Two pilot tests conducted by the Seattle-based supplement company Tamer Laboratories found that subjects who used a food grade, alkaline mineral compound (called Alka-Myte®) for five days experienced an average decline in urinary acidity of 53 percent. Another Tamer Laboratories pilot test conducted at Seattle Performance Medicine showed that this acid-buffering compound significantly reduced muscle burn, increased time to fatigue, lowered lactate levels in the blood, and increased muscle strength and recovery in cyclists who participated in the test pilot. In addition, a blind placebo study was conducted on Nordic skiers by Dr Dan Heil at Montana State University. After 24 elite Nordic skiers used either Alka-Myte or placebo for 7 days at a dose of 1 tablet per 50 pounds of body weight, the following significant changes were noted in their upper body ergometer performance: 1. increased power output; 2. reduced cardio-respiratory stress with lower heart rate, respiratory rate and energy expenditure (lower sub-maximal VO2) and 3. reduced blood lactate levels.

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