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It looks like we're not the only ones who love this new supplement from Carlson Laboratories. Nutra-Support™ Stress has been recognized as the winner of the 2014 Better Nutrition Best of Supplements Award within the Stress, Anxiety and Mood category. Who doesn't have some level of stress these days. Forget keeping up with the Jones''s tough enough just keeping up with the demands on everyday life.

Nutra-Support Stress is a combination of several vitamins that work synergistically to support your nervous system and brain health. Each of the eight B vitamins in Nutra-Support Stress perform an intricate role in maintaining proper metabolic functioning, harvesting energy to support the body's chemical reactions, and are essential for well being. The added vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fend off harmful free radicals.

As we get older we can experience more tiredness and hair loss which most of us will attribute to aging but it may be you’re not getting enough vitamin B. Loss of appetite, respiratory infections, and muscle cramps can also be attributed to low vitamin B. Even depression has been related to a lack of B vitamins. Vitamin B is important for maintaining skin health, and deficiencies of it can cause eczema. Many doctors are prescribing B vitamins for cancer patients to improve their overall health and strengthen the immune system, even though there is no evidence that it can help cure cancer. Do check with your doctor if you are on a drug regimen or chemotherapy to avoid possible adverse health effects.

We highly recommend Nutra-Support Stress and firmly believe this supplement should be in your top 5 supplements to be taken daily especially if you are a woman over 50.

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