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Naturepedic Trio Organic Pillows are available on

Editor's (John's) Note. I'm fully aware of the toxic material being used in the manufacturing of bedding, mattresses, pillows, and other household items. Especially given a past history of asthma and allergies I felt it time to try improving some of my environmental exposure and reducing my overall toxic load even more. Most of us don't really think about how toxic our pillows are. We probably don't ever think of our pillows unless we wake up with sore necks and other discomforts or see an ad on TV for the latest memory foam or another type of pillow craze. The truth of the matter is most pillows are toxic dumps. And we are sleeping on them for up to a third of our life. Foam pillow chemicals can include toluene diisocyanate and formaldehyde. Antimicrobial is a hot seller too. Can't let those little critters get to us but hey let's suck up a chemical bath of polyester, acetate and antimicrobial compounds such as Microbian or Allerban.

So what is a person to do? Go ORGANIC. Yes, I know, it costs more. As the saying me now or copay later...and that is if you are lucky enough to have health insurance. But is health insurance a better option than being healthy in the first place?

So I set out to try some organic options. As you can see on this post I have found what I think to be the ultimate pillow. I have been using the Trio pillows now for about 3 months. I LOVE this pillow. I can say without question it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. And, when my wife is away, her pillow is my spooning partner.

If you are looking for a great investment in a better, non-toxic, night's sleep I highly recommend the Naturepedic Trio Pillow. I really do not think you will be anything but happy at the decision.

Naturepedic Trio Pillow Features and Benefits

Introducing the Naturepedic Trio Organic Pillow System, an innovative and customizable pillow designed to address this inherent duality. Featuring dual action compression, the quilted outer encasement offers a fluffy cloud-like feeling, while the shredded latex core provides comfortable balanced support. You can even machine wash and dry the quilted encasement! No flame retardants for a healthier non-toxic design.

Organic cotton sateen fabric
Organic shredded latex fill
Easy access zipper for adjusting the amount of fill

Two layers of organic cotton stretch knit fabric
PLA filling for resiliency and washability
Inner-quilted to reduce shifting of fiber
Machine wash & dry (shrinks to fit)

Luxurious organic cotton sateen fabric
Machine wash & dry

Available Options:
LS56: Standard Size (20" x 26")
LQ56: Queen Size (20" x 30")
LK56: King Size (20" x 36")


Naturepedic Trio Organic Pillows are available on

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