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99 Simple Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge

Julian Brass
Foreword by Joe Minran
Page Two Books
267 pages
$16.95 USD
$19.95 CND
ISBN 978-1-989025-62-8

Own Your Anxiety book by Julian Brass

Anxiety seems to have overtaken society. The author’s premise in “Own Your Own Anxiety” is “about owning your anxiety rather than being owned by it. It’s about seeing that anxiety as a gift, an invitation to a better way of living.” There are none of the usual “Get rid of” or “heal yourself.”

We have all been there when the situation sets our nerves to take over and run through our bodies turning us into a revolving whirl, it can be when we are put in a spotlight, going on stage, giving a presentation, dealing with a personal trauma, taking a test, relationship issues, going to the dentist or hearing results from your doctor. Some of us are more prone to these situations than others. We all have different reactions with our genetics influencing our own responses on various levels of seriousness. Most of us who have experienced anxiety know how to deal with it in a negative way i.e., eating, drinking, smoking, the list goes on. Here is your opportunity to turn those anxious moments into positive energy.

Brass focuses on 99 ways to convert your anxieties into working for you. And it is amazingly easy to get started with the help of “Own Your Own Anxiety.” The book is formatted into three parts: Own Your Body, Own Your Mind, and Own Your Soul. Within you’ll find The 99 ways—”Owning Anxiety is a series of decisions, all undertaken with love for your self.” You may find it helpful to refer to the book on a daily basis or sit down and go through the index marking the topics that are of interest to you. And later read those topics. Brass does have a way of turning issues into a positive and pleasant style.

Topics vary to name a few—Breathe, Smile More, Swim, Quit Or Reduce Coffee, Laugh More Often, Don’t Park Illegally, Give Gratitude, Know Your Direction, Keep Your Phone Away From Your Bed, Say “No” More, Own Your Finances, Visualize, and Get To Know Your Crossing Guard are just a few of the 99 featured.

You may find that not all of the 99 themes apply to you but you may have a family member or a friend that may benefit from having their own copy of “Own Your Own Anxiety.”

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