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Ronald M. Lawrence, MD, PhD

Former Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine at Los Angeles, Former Member of the National Advisory Council on Aging of the National Institute on Aging(N.I.H.,Washington .D.C.), Former Member of the Advisory Board of the Alcohol Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration(ADAAMA), Washington, D.C.

Board of Directors, UCI School of Medicine Alumni Association. Senior Member, American Academy of Neurology. Founding Member, International Assn. for the Study of Pain. Secretary, Research Group on Pain, World Federation of Neurology, Founder, American Medical Athletic Association (Washington, DC) Director, Western Geriatric Research Institute, Encino, California. Author of "Magnet Therapy"(Random House, New York) and of 36 published papers on Pain and Pain Control.

MSM is a naturally-occurring nutrient, a sulfur compound, found in normal human diets and the diets of all other vertebrates. Sulfur is an element present in all living organisms. It belongs in the same chemical family which includes oxygen. For organisms living in environments where there is no oxygen, sulfur often replaces oxygen as the source of chemical energy that drives life. It is not a pharmaceutical drug but a dietary supplement.

Sulfur, the eighth most abundant...