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A traditionally trained physician who has chosen to practice integrative medicine, Dr. Fred Pescatore is the head of the Centers for Integrative and Complementary Medicine in New York City. Along with his books, The Allergy and Asthma Cure and Thin for Good, he is also the author of The Hamptons Diet and Feed Your Kids Well. A sought-after speaker and nutrition expert, Dr. Pescatore has been featured in the New York Times and has appeared on the “Today Show” and “The View.” He is the host of the radio show “On Call with Dr. Pescatore” which teaches the value of moving beyond a medication-only paradigm and into empowering the body to heal itself.

Throughout his career Dr. Pescarore’s primary commitment has been and continues to be a hands on partner with each patient in establishing and maintaining optimum health.

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“I want people using safe medicine.
And that means plant medicine.”

Chris Kilham in the New YorK Times, 01/01/08

Chris Kilham and Zoe Helene in the Amazon Rainforest Photographer: Segundo Inuma, ExplorNapa
It is a pleasure to welcome Chris Kilham to the cover of TotalHealthonline. The following is excerpt from the introduction to Chris Kilham’s organization’s Web site:, and provides an excellent overview of Chris’ commitments over the past 20 years.

Harvesters, scientists, trade officials and other plant medicine experts in dozens of countries. This work always involves a collaboration of talented people. Plant medicines are used by over five billion people worldwide. Here you can gain an understanding of the role of plant medicines in the world. Chris and those he works with are dedicated to providing healing benefits, protecting the natural environment, and promoting the interests of traditional indigenous cultures. Currently, global health care is in crisis, the natural environment is undergoing widespread devastation, and indigenous people and their knowledge are disappearing at a rapid rate. What can we do to help? At Medicine Hunter we focus on traditional plant-based medicines and their sustainable trade as a way to contribute to a better world.”

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A few months ago our good friend and associate Takashi Shioya, innovator of the Tsunami T-Wave laundry capsules, suggested Linda Gray would be an ideal consideration as the cover personality for an upcoming issue of totalhealth. He stated the multi-faceted Ms. Gray has been a highly visible wellrespected member of the entertainment community for over 30 years. And that from her introduction to the American public as Sue Ellen in the popular TV series “Dallas” has transitioned from acting to producing and directing as well.

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Lyle Hurd: Welcome Doctor Roizen, after having the opportunity to interview you on the radio, I’m really pleased to introduce you to our readers.

Recently, Time magazine did an extensive piece on you and the Cleveland Clinic, and what they talked about was this doctor doesn’t want to see you. Now I’ve met a lot of doctors and I’ve always found that they would like to see patients for a couple of reasons, and one is that it helps support the whole business that they’re in. You are Chairman of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic-

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