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Tina Wellman, PhD, PNE

Author of Psychoneuroendocrinology: Copper Toxicity and Premenstrual Syndrome, Dr. Wellman has blazed a trail through the maze of alternative medicine, conventional wisdom, and complementary methods. She has been engaged in natural healing modalities for nearly 40 years, researching the mind-body connection to illness. Blending nutritional support with environmental detoxification, she patterns a healthy lifestyle to achieve wellness. Her compendium of healthier choices is a vital key to achieving total wellness. Dr. Wellman shares that key with her clients, providing them with the fundamental tools to recover their health.


Given the increase in pathogens everywhere (bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral), it is time to consider natural antibiotic alternatives that are without the negative side effects of pharmaceutical compounds. After years of downplaying the dangers of excessive use of antibiotics, the AMA has recently issued some important directives. To avoid the creation of an even greater number of highly resistant super germs, it is now believed that it is imperative for practitioners to be taught to...

Salmon has long been regarded as a prime food delicacy. From its aesthetic features (radiant orange color) to its flavorful taste and delicate texture, salmon allures many a palate and satiates the appetite with its low glycemic blood sugar stabilizing protein content. Equally virtuous are salmon’s long chained omega-3 fatty acids— EPA and DHA.

Noted nutrition scientist, author, researcher, speaker and Harvard graduate, Mr. Joyce A. Nettleton, D.Sc., R.D., is an authority on...

Trodding down the pathway to my friend's organic farm one sunny afternoon, I noticed a mysterious mass weighing down the limb of a budding apple tree. Just as my curiosity summoned me for a closer inspection of the tree's "dis-ease," the owner bellowed "stand back, stand back!" as he loped towards the tree clutching a sizable white box. "That's a new beehive forming!" he exclaimed. "It's a wild swarm of bees I have been anxiously awaiting-my new arrival of this year's...

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