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Suzy talks with John at Supply Side in Las Vegas about her passions, books (we love Drug Muggers), and what motivated her to become America's Pharmacist.

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We highly recommend getting a copy of Suzy's book if you really want to take care of your own health.

Internationally-recognized research has shown that the patented blend of sterols and sterolins found in Moducare® may help to support a healthy and balanced immune system. Supporting immune health is key to the prevention of colds, flu and infections, as well as allergies and painful autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. The phytosterols in Moducare® are plant nutrients naturally found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They can activate immune cells that protect our body...

Dr. Hyla Cass talks with John about breaking free of addictions from food, alcohol, drugs, prescriptions, and more using natural supplements to balance your brain.

The Addicted Brain is a must have it you would prefer to treat addiction with proper supplementation, diet, and lifestyle choices.

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 1, 2016) - Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) has long been known to offer a bevy of cardiovascular benefits. Now 13 new studies published in The Journal of Nutrition provide credible proof of AGE's capacity for preventing the progression of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The studies, which appeared in the February 2016 issue of the journal, give evidence of AGE's ability...

Vancouver, CANADA, October 5, 2016 - New biomedical research released today jointly by The Rhema Group and Biologic Pharmamedical, has shown that a trace component of the standard curcumin extract, bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC), is proven to be up to 7X more potent on a key anti-inflammatory target than the curcumin extract itself. This discovery is significant because it means curcumin pharmacology can now be more precisely targeted for therapeutic results.

It's here...finally. The answer to the dangerous smart meters governments are forcing on us. If you haven't heard of the dangers of smart meters on your homes please watch Take Back Your Power an expose on the smart meter program. In the meantime check out this new Faraday Cage technology just launched by Gia Wellness. It almost eliminates the broadcasting signal leaving just enough so the meters can be read.

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Reality Show Trainer Discovers The Power Of Leptin

Editor's note: Total Health considers Kat James a long time colleague. Over the years she has shared her journey to regaining her health with us and in turn with readers. In the June 2016 issue (see link below—for readers unfamiliar with Kat we encourage you to go to the link for important background and dietary information) we began this series to update our readers on her impressive story. An additional article will...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the September 2016 issue of TotalHealth.

We have two articles on alcohol use in this issue both Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS and Elson Haas, MD, sharing their expertise on the subject. Both articles provide valuable information and help for all of us. Especially as we begin our approach to the end of the year celebrations. Looking for more help see the ad on last page.

Dallas Clouatre, PhD, begins with "

Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine is a great work for everyone wishing to maintain and improve their health, written by a leader in integrative, holistic medicine. Dr. Elson is 40 years in practice as a lifestyle and preventive medicine philosopher-physician. This book is an octave above his original book, Staying Healthy with the Seasons, encompassing the practical integration of Natural and Eastern approaches into the Western Medical system. This synthesis can help people...