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How I Found My Own Way Back to Health James Templeton

MARCH 2019
$16.95 US / $19.95 CAN
208 pages
6 x 9-inch quality paperback Health/Cancer/Memoir
ISBN 978-0-7570-0478-0 (pp)
ISBN 978-0-7570-5478-5 (eb)

I Used To Have Cancer James Templeton

By all standards of success, James Templeton seemed to have it all. He was a highly...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the February 2019 issue of TotalHealthOnline Magazine. We wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.

Charles K. Bens, PhD, in “Changing Your Age Equation” gives us a heads up with general strategies and to be adjusted based on factors such as age, sex, general health, metabolism, genetics and income. We all can only do the best that we can given our personal circumstances. Bens is clear on...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the December 2018 issue of TotalHealth Magazine.

Charles K. Bens, PhD, “NAD—The Superstar For Cellular Healing.” Bens educates us on the role of NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) a form of vitamin B acting as an enzyme that has been proven to be a key nutrient in preventing and reversing the cellular damage in the human body. Bens has includes several graphics, which...

John and Dr. Sellman delve into the roots and risks of high blood pressure and how you can bring it down yourself with diet, lifestyle, supplement, and fitness changes. There is also a new formula on the market that is helping people reduce their high blood pressure by as much as 90 points. Now you have a way to help reduce your blood pressure in order to reduce or even eliminate medications.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the November 2018 issue of TotalHealth Magazine.

Charles K. Bens, PhD, "How Do Genes Influence Our Health?" Bens shares with us information on how we don't inheirt diseases like cancer and others—we inheirt a genetic predisposition. Many environmental factors are controllable, such as what we eat and drink, and other lifestyle factors, such as alcohol or tobacco consumption. Bens...

Dallas Lavoe Clouatre was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 12/25/1951.

Dallas went to school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, graduating high school as Co-Valedictorian with his twin brother Daniel. When they graduated in 1970, the Clouatre brothers occupied two of the top three academic performance spots in the State of Oklahoma earning both National Merit Scholarships. Dallas attended Stanford University as an undergraduate, majoring in History. He started out as a pre-med major, thus...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Octobe 2018 issue of TotalHealth Magazine.

We would like to dedicate this issue to one of our long-time contributors, Dallas Clouatre. We are saddened to tell you of the passing of this brilliant man. Jarrow Rogovin, Founder of Jarrow Formulas one of the companies Dallas worked with has generously given us an obituary honoring him, it can be found on page 5. Dallas is...

Today John talks with Ira Antelis, founder of 120 LifeTM. 120 LifeTM is the first functional drink created from a mixture of six natural ingredients, each shown in clinical studies to promote normal blood pressure. With 120 Life you can normalize your blood pressure naturally. 120 LifeTM can help lower your blood pressure so you can reduce, or even eliminate, high blood pressure medications.

This year alone there have been two FDA and Health Canada...

One of our favorite foods with the staff at TotalHealth magazine is hemp. Hemp seeds definitely fall into the category of "superfoods." There are so many benefits to adding shelled hemp seeds to your diet. This interview took place at Expo West in Anaheim. John has fun with Sean Mcbride as they explore the benefits of hemp foods and talk about Manitoba Harvest's approach to providing great nutrition through a well-researched product line. Everything you wanted to know about Hemp Foods but...

Reignite Your Energy in Just 21 Days

Get ready for Radical Metabolism

The woman who has been rewriting the rules of nutrition is at it again. We are excited to announce the game-changing book of the decade! Mark your calendars—Radical Metabolism is coming August 28, 2018, and it promises to turn diet and detox on its head.

Long-time weight loss, detox, and anti-aging expert Ann Louise Gittleman has been changing the nutritional landscape...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the August 2018 issue of TotalHealth Magazine.

Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, in this article addresses the clinical research that has been conducted on supplementation with L-lysine—with a focus on its anti-Herpes virus effects. With a review of L-lysine's biological functions in our bodies.

Media Review is on the book "

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the July 2018 issue of TotalHealth Magazine Online.

This July issue 2018 celebrates the Fourth of July and the USA—United We Stand. Let our voices be heard at the voting booth and in the meantime treat others with kindness. Good for our health.

This issue begins with Charles K. Bens, PhD, "Drug Resistant Germs, A Real Threat," educates us on what...

Morningstar Minerals specializes in 100% pure plant-derived bio-mass minerals with amino acids, trace vitamins, trace elements, energy minerals, and more. Robby Wharton tells us how and why they produce this great product line.

TotalHealth staffers love supplementing with Morningstar minerals. Keep in mind most foodstuffs today come from farms with very depleted soil. We just aren't getting the trace minerals we need in our diets.


Jeremy Cashman Marketing Manager for Klean Kanteen talks with John about the history of this family owned company and how they are dedicated to producing eco-friendly products. Help reduce plastic waste by adopting a Klean Kanteen.

TotalHealth staffers love their Klean Kanteens. Check out the great new products for 2018 on their website.


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the May 2018 issue of TotalHealth Magazine Online.

Dallas Clouatre, PhD in last month's issue there was a review of the state of caloric restriction/ fasting and ketogenic diets today. However, many readers may have little interest in either caloric restriction or ketogenic diets as lifestyle choices. In this May issue "Sports...