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Veronika Polozkova

Veronika Polozkova is an international health specialist, in nutrition and dietetics. Polozkova is a master specialist in international public health and bachelors in nutrition and dietetics. She has several years of experience in medical centers as a clinical dietitian. She has written for over 20 publications in three languages, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dietary protein from foods serves as a building block for all human body tissues. Consuming enough protein is therefore important for healthy formation and renewal of all body cells. Depending on the health condition and activity pattern the protein intake requirement might vary from person to person. For instance when recovering from an illness or injury, or when exercising or playing a sport, the need for protein is higher because the body actively works on rebuilding the tissue....

Your body remembers past sensory experiences and their association with specific foods. Habitual response on smell, taste, view and structure of food is therefore a major determinant of nutritional habits and should be encountered in product formulation and healthy habit formation. Modern food processing, preparation and presentation technologies are so advanced that our sensory habits and preferences can be partially adjusted with reformulation of foods. This has can deliver a lot...

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