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You are about to discover the key to effective and lasting weight loss is not dieting or deprivation, but rather eliminating excessive hunger and increasing the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction from food. The Hunger Free Forever program provides a near effortless program for safe, effective, and lifelong weight control that has evolved from major scientific discoveries we have made in the field of appetite regulation. Our discoveries have been effectively applied in community weight-loss programs conducted over the past few years on hundreds of people. This simple approach allows you to reach and easily maintain your body weight goals utilizing exciting new scientific breakthroughs to normalize your appetite and consistently enjoy a high degree of satiety from the food you eat.

Satiety is defined as the state of being full or gratified to the point of satisfaction. Research has shown that humans eat to achieve satiety and those who are overweight have an increased frequency of food cravings and a resistance to satiety after eating adequate amounts of food. Our program uncovers the reasons for this resistance to satiety and increased food craving and provides the vital keys to restoring normal appetite control—whether you want to lose five pounds or 200 pounds.

If you have struggled to achieve your ideal body weight, if you have tried various diets only to end up weighing more than when you started, if you feel that if you simply look at food it magically winds up on your thighs, or if you always feel like you are hungry and never satisfied, the Hunger Free Forever program is for you.

This program is truly different than any other. Unlike all of the popular diets, we reveal specific eating strategies and appetite-reducing discoveries that eliminate unhealthy food cravings and create a high level of satiety even with significant reductions in caloric intake. Just think about it: If you feel satisfied, eating fewer calories is not deprivation. In fact, followers of our program gain an even greater appreciation and love for food. By retaining appetite and metabolism, you can change your relationship with food from unhealthy and excessive to healthy and moderate. It is a liberating experience.

The Hunger Free Forever Program Goals and Principles
We have discovered one of the keys to long-term weight-loss success is learning how to live a better life through enjoying better nutrition. The success is found by consuming special foods, fiber combinations, and dietary supplements designed to promote satiety and burn fat (thermogenesis). The beauty of the Hungry Free Forever program is it is simple, easy to follow, and highly effective. It promotes weight loss because it is based upon achieving several important goals:

  • Decreasing appetite and calories consumed.
  • Normalizing and stabilizing blood glucose levels.
  • Increasing metabolism and the burning of fat, while preserving muscle mass—all without the use of hazardous stimulants.
  • Resetting the mechanisms that control individual fat cell size and body weight.
  • Adjusting food and lifestyle choices to promote ideal body weight and create healthier relationship with food.

Specifically, you learn how to:

  • Utilize a newly discovered, commercially available blend of highly viscous soluble fiber known as PolyGlycopleX (PGX) with or before each meal to improve blood sugar control.
  • Take advantage of foods and recipes that promote satiety and reduce caloric intake.
  • Enjoy foods that promote lean body mass, improve blood sugar control, provide the right type of fats, and reduce inflammation.
  • Regularly consume special foods that increase metabolism, reduce appetite, and improve insulin action.
  • Utilize appropriate natural products to assist with weight loss. You will learn to evaluate your need for and use of products that promote thermogenesis, lower elevated cortisol and reduce stress-induced eat ing, increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar control, and reduce appetite.
  • Build lean muscle mass through exercise, diet, and nutritional supplementation.
  • Program and condition the mind to achieve success.

A Scientific Approach The Hunger Free Forever program features principles and components that have been well studied and proven effective through years of clinical research and community weight-loss programs. It applies the most salient principles from scientific evaluations on diet and weight loss to eliminate the tremendous confusion our society has about eating. Most of all, it applies these principles in a simple, practical, and no-nonsense fashion for people whose lives are too busy to be governed by rigid diets. While it is true that most popular diets promote short-term weight loss if followed closely, the majority of people fail to achieve and maintain their weight-loss goals. Why? Other diets focus on rigid and usually impractical dietary schemes that do little or nothing to eliminate unhealthy food cravings and excessive hunger.

Instead, this program represents the new frontier of achieving and maintaining weight loss. Its effects occur at every major level of appetite control. In particular, it focuses on improving blood sugar control. Mounting research points to the important role that blood sugar plays in the regulation of human appetite. Much of the effect of blood sugar fluctuations on appetite control can be traced to specialized immune cells, called glial cells that surround every brain cell.

Glial cells are important in sensing the level of glucose in the blood. Every time blood sugar drops rapidly in a short span of time, glial cells send powerful signals to brain regions such as the hypothalamus, which are interpreted as a desire to initiate food intake. Because of insulin resistance and its accompanying poor glucose regulation, over-weight people spend their days riding a virtual blood sugar roller coaster. As a result, they experience potentially hundreds of neurological commands to eat, most of which are inappropriate. The Hunger Free Forever program gets people off the blood sugar roller coaster within a few days; the frequency and magnitude of these intense desires to eat are greatly diminished or eliminated all together. Thus satiety can then be achieved and maintained, leading to safe and effective weight loss.

By using new techniques in 24-hour blood sugar monitoring, our research has, for the first time, documented that excessive appetite and food cravings in overweight subjects are directly correlated with rapid fluctuations in blood glucose throughout the day and night. Furthermore, we have documented our program dramatically restores the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels and that this accomplishment is powerfully linked to remarkable improvements in insulin sensitivity and reductions in appetite.

Detailed clinical studies published in major medical journals and presented at the world’s major diabetes conferences have shown PGX to:

  • Reduce appetite and promote effective weight loss, even in the morbidly obese.
  • Increase the level of compounds that block the appetite and promote satiety.
  • Decrease the level of compounds that stimulate overeating.
  • Reduce postprandial (after-meal) blood glucose levels when added to or taken with foods.
  • Reduce the glycemic index of any food or beverage.
  • Increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood insulin levels better than any drug.
  • Improve diabetes control and dramatically reduce the need for medications or insulin in the diabetic.
  • Stabilize blood sugar control in the overweight and obese.
  • Lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides. To help motivate you to begin, keep this checklist of benefits of the Hunger Free Forever program handy. The program works because it:
  • Corrects the body’s attempt to hold onto fat in response to reduced calorie intake.
  • Focuses on eating strategies, specific foods, and dietary supplements that improve blood sugar control and increase the natural release of satiety-induced hormones.
  • Utilizes measures effectively to increase the burning of fat and preserve metabolic rate even when cutting calories.
  • Increases lean body mass (muscle) while burning large amounts of fat.
  • Can be easily followed and adhered to as a permanent and pleasurable way of life.
  • Provides clear direction, recipes, menu plans, and methods to keep to the program when traveling or eating out.

Are you to let the Hunger Free Forever program work for you? Now is a good time to reveal the healthy person inside of you.

For more information visit:

Michael T Murray, ND

Dr. Murray is one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine. He has published over 30 books on health-related topics, and his research into the health benefits of proper nutrition is the foundation for a best-selling line of vitamins and supplements at Natural Factors, where he is Director of Product Development. He is a graduate, faculty member, and serves on the Board of Regents of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.