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Zoraida DeFreitas, PhD

Dr. Zoraida DeFreitas is the vice president of Research and Development at Kemin Health, L.C. In this role, Dr. DeFreitas is responsible for Quality Control and Assurance, Technical Services, Scientific Affairs and Product & Process Innovation. Dr. DeFreitas joined Kemin Health over ten years ago. Under her leadership, Dr. DeFreitas’s team has launched several new products and continues to develop new ingredients to improve human health. Dr DeFreitas has been the chair of the CRN Senior Scientific Advisory Council for almost four years. Before joining Kemin, Dr. DeFreitas was over three years at Quest International Flavors and Fragrances.

Dr. DeFreitas received a Ph.D. in Food Science and Animal Science from Iowa State University. She has a Masters degree in Food Technology from Iowa State University.

A close look at the research today, shows that eye health is only part of the Lutein story. Lutein is an antioxidant, and its antioxidant properties have great potential for the body . . .

The eye nutrient lutein (pronounced LOO teen) has seen steady growth in the dietary supplement aisle of natural food stores for more than five years. Primarily due to the body of evidence showing its role in long-term eye health. Now manufacturers and consumers are discovering additional benefits...