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HPV Vaccine

  • Join John as he talks with Producer Joan Shenton about her recently released documentary series on the HPV vaccine called Sacrificial Virgins. In the series Joan looks at the science behind the vaccine, the global impact, lawsuits, and of course the terrible damage it can do to young women including death. If nothing else it raises the question if the science isn't there to actually prove the effectiveness of preventing cervical cancer are the potential adverse reactions worth the risk of the vaccine? Decide for yourself after watching this interview and doing your own research. We provide links below to topics discussed in the interview.

    If you are a parent and you choose to have your children vaccinated we highly recommend you download and use the free vaccination journal from the Children's Medical Safety Research Institute. While most children do not appear to experience adverse reactions to the plethora of vaccines given them some children do experience debilitating, long-term, life-changing reactions and even death. In order to sue the Vaccine Court to get financial compensation to help cover medical costs that could last a lifetime you need to have a clear and accurate record of their vaccination schedule and accurate notes on changes in their health, mental state, etc. As Joan points out in the interview side effects and adverse reactions can come weeks, months, and even years after receiving a vaccine. In addition adverse reactions are severely under-reported globally. If you think your child does experience adverse reactions of any kind please make sure you report them.

    Free Vaccination Journal: Download Here

    The US Vaccine Court has paid out about $142 million dollars in compensation in the first half of the 2017 fiscal year alone and about $3.6 billion dollars in compensation since 1988. With so many injuries it pretty much lays to rest any possible claim vaccines are safe. Getting vaccinated is really like playing Russian roulette.

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