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laundry detergents

  • “Outstanding! I was skeptical, but they! work better than detergent—with no chemicals! This is a quantum leap forward for us the environment, and our pocket books!” Jacob E. Teitelbaum, M.D., author of From Fatigued to Fantastic! and medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center

    We live in a toxic world. Wherever we reside, wherever we work, wherever we play we encounter toxic substances that can damage us, make us sick, even kill us. Whether it is the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe or hundreds of other ways toxins are found in the workplace or home, including the laundry detergents we use. Every toxic substance can damage the body and any amount of exposure to a toxic substance is detrimental to human health. Total toxic load is the cumulative impact of exposures to multiple toxins, which can poison our organs, drain our energy, cause cancer and other autoimmune and killer diseases.

    Over the past few decades it has been found that washing laundry in harsh chemical detergents can significantly compromise the human immune system. The laundry room is a toxic time bomb, loaded to the gills with phosphate detergents and caustic chemicals including bleach, spot removers and fabric softeners. Equally as concerning are the suspected carcinogenic compounds (by-products) yielded by these detergent- based cleaning supplies. Unwelcome side effects include allergies, skin irritation and rashes that are caused by the dyes, phosphorous, perfumes and other additional allergens added to chemical detergents, as well as contribute to the cumulative impact of total toxic load in our bodies.

    Originally we were introduced to T-Wave Trio activated ceramic laundry cleaning system as an alternative to laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach at a health food show in Baltimore.

    The potential human health, environmental and cost saving benefits of this alternative to toxic chemical detergents were so compelling we felt it was important to test the product and if they worked, share the information with our readers.

    Do they work? You bet. We gave laundry capsules to our editors, contributors, advertisers, and family. Since then we have personally avoided the negatives of commercial detergents in some 2,000 washings and estimate a savings of $1,000 on detergents, bleach, and softeners. However, equally important to our commitment of living green we have not contributed one drop of detergent ladened water to the ecosystem, which is inundated by millions of tons of detergent residue, which pollutes our environment until it finds a permanent home in the soil we rely on to grow our food and ultimately becomes part of the food chain.

    In waste-water treatment plants, detergent is one of the most difficult chemicals to remove from water. The same problem occurs when clothes are washed in detergent. The chemicals residue remains in the laundry and is absorbed by people through the skin and nose, exacerbating numerous health problems afflicting millions of Americans.

    Detergents literally “wash the life” out of fabrics, constantly weakening the fibers and fading the colors. Large amounts of lint caught in dryer filters point to the damage done to fabrics by detergents. To top it all, laundry detergents accumulate on the outer drum of washing machines and each time a load of laundry is washed, this chemical sludge goes right back into the water to pollute the fabrics.

    For the last 50 years people have had little choice but to accept the sophisticated commercials that insist detergent bubbles are cleaning their laundry. No more. Tens of thousands of persons worldwide have discovered the benefits of ceramic laundry capsules, which work to make water the cleaning agent; water is a natural, biological solvent/cleaner for chemical-free laundry. To add chemicals sounds as if the water’s cleansing ability has been enhanced but that is not true. Water is known to be a powerful biological solvent alone.

    Worldwide the general public mostly believes it is soap or detergents that remove dirt or stains from the laundry. Detergents are based on a surfactant application. Detergents change the molecular structure of water by the use of a chemical surfactant, which reduces the surface tension of the water and induces an ionic reaction. Laundry detergents also contain builders, optical-brightening agents, suds materials and perfume-like chemicals.

    In that water is a major biological solvent, the concept of the cleaning capsule is also based on a water activation process. Studies show that water has the characteristic to respond to certain mineral components or chemicals in terms of reducing the surface tension of the water, changing the pH and enhancing the ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Laundry capsules reduce the surface tension of water with the use of ceramics, and an ergonomically-designed casing.

    The combination of all the elements—the activated ceramics, the hydrokinetic action of the casing and the temperature of the water—work together simultaneously to enhance the solvency and cleaning power of water without the use of chemicals. With the elimination of residue left in fabrics by detergents, clothes and linens are naturally soft. When cleaning laundry with the capsules, fabric softeners are unnecessary. The T-Wave Laundry System comes with a natural stain-and-spot remover made from natural papaya enzymes called Tsunami Wave Booster. Just a capful added to a wash will brighten whites, colored clothes and linens. The enzymes are safe, gentle and eco-friendly.

    Do the activated ceramic cleaning capsules work? Our staff has been using them for over eight years. Our family has not purchased or used laundry detergent, bleach, or fabric softener during that eight-year period. We estimate we have done over 2,000 loads of toxic-free wash at a cost of $1,000. There is no question that our sheets, towels and personal items are softer, brighter and last longer. There is no off gassing from our bed linen or towels or caustic residue rubbing off our clothes all day. They make a great gift for almost any occasion and should be an imperative for use by pregnant women and families with young children, as well as virtually everyone with a chronic disease, particularly skin disorders or chemical sensitivities.

    Water was once the only resource people had to clean their bodies, dishes and laundry. People used no harsh soap or chemicals and managed to sustain a viable environment until recent, more-technologically advanced times. Who wants to continue adding to the pollution of the planet, which is mankind’s legacy to succeeding generations? Products like ceramic laundry capsules will initiate a return to the times when the power of pure water was all we needed.

    Now people can have clean laundry, less pollution in the water treatment plants and septic tanks and have a positive impact on the environmental legacy for those future generations.

    For information on ordering The T-Wave Trio Laundry System visit: