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  • Valentine’s Day conjures up images in our minds of Eros, love and sensuality. It is a day where lovers give each other cards, flowers and gifts expressing their love for each other. It is remarkable that an entire day of the year is set aside to celebrate erotic love, the strong compelling force between two people that combines love and sexual desire.

    Erotic love is a vastly different from the love of a parent for a child or the love between siblings or friends. Face it: erotic love “sizzles” and speaks to mankind’s universal desire for physical and spiritual union. It evokes—and unleashes—potent and passionate emotions from deep within the human psyche.

  • FALLING IN LOVE IS A BLISSFUL LIFE-ALTERING EVENT. It seems to strike us out of the blue. We go along in our daily lives and then meet someone to whom we are at first indifferent, or who may seem interesting in some way. Then suddenly, for no explicable reason, we see them in a new light. It is as if we have been struck by Cupid’s arrow and become dazed. We have fallen in love. Reason flies out the window and we are overcome by erotic feelings, passion and desire. We see the person’s unique beauty and find ourselves deeply drawn to them. We begin to think of them night and day and can’t get them out of our mind. That first “hit” of Eros, when we realize we have fallen in love, is a time where we see the best of the person and feel the best within ourselves. It is an idyllic time where passion and desire, two very powerful forces in the human psyche, overtake us. Our spirits soar. It is a magical time of being enveloped in the mystery of falling in love.