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safe contraceptives

  • TotalHealth Magazine has created this featured segment in order to bring recognition to products, services, people, and organizations who deserve, in our opinion, special recognition for improving quality of life. The first product recognized is Smart Women's Choice. It is the first safe, hormone-free, contraceptive gel. It is a hyper-allergenic formula designed to completely immobilize sperm not allowing them to travel up the fallopian tube. This is a tremendous benefit to women who suffer side-effects of hormone-based contraceptives of which there are many including death.

    You can see test results on Dr. Farron's website from one of the world's leading male fertility clinics in La Jolla, CA showing a 100% effectiveness at various dilution rates, and a video of a test result performed by an independent Israeli lab under the microscope showing the effectiveness of SWC. The Israeli lab test was performed at the request of a women's health center in Israel that provides SWC to its clients.

    For more information or to order Smart Women's Choice contraceptive cream please visit:

    To read Dr. Sherrill Sellman's article on the dangers of birth control and this safe alternative please read:

    FINALLY—A Safe, Natural, Non-Hormonal Contraceptive With No Side Effects

    Ross Pelton, R.Ph., aka The Natural Pharmacist and author of The Pill Problem, wrote this piece titled: The Pill Problem in TotalHealth.

    He followed that article up with "Do Oral Contraceptives Contribute to Hair Loss In Women?"

    We also highly recommend women read Dr. Sellman's article Protect, Heal, and Restore Vaginal Health especially if you are planning on getting pregnant.