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  • Self-Transformation Part II

    There are many clicks to the Rubik’s Cube of self-transformation, and most require rethinking and undoing old mind-sets and self-sabotage to find your way back to your true radiant and glowing potential. Before we can find the ultimate path for ourselves, we must first reject the false paths that led us astray and then retrace our steps toward recovery. In the last issue, I appealed to you, through my own example, to reject today’s merry-go-round of short-sighted health and beauty solutions and take a more authentic path to transformation through health (if you missed the last issue, be sure to catch it). This month I offer some crucial first “twists” of the Rubik’s Cube toward recovery.

  • In case you haven’t noticed, life has gotten harsh. It starts with jarring alarm clocks and chlorinated showers, where we lather up with stripping detergents and petrochemicals. Once in front of the mirror, we might pass a little harsh self-judgment before brushing our teeth with sodium lauryl sulfate, gargling with stinging mouthwash, applying paraben-laden deodorant to freshly-shaven underarms, and coal tar-derived color cosmetics to freshly-exfoliated skin. With a spritz of great-smelling neurotoxins and carcinogens, we hit the kitchen for our blood-sugar-spiking juice and cortisol-pumping coffee. As we sit down with our newspaper to dwell on the important things, we think: Ahhh, the most relaxing part of my day, as our bodies gasp, What just happened! And what’s going to happen to me when we go out the door?