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trace minerals

  • Morningstar Minerals specializes in 100% pure plant-derived bio-mass minerals with amino acids, trace vitamins, trace elements, energy minerals, and more. Robby Wharton tells us how and why they produce this great product line.

    TotalHealth staffers love supplementing with Morningstar minerals. Keep in mind most foodstuffs today come from farms with very depleted soil. We just aren't getting the trace minerals we need in our diets.


    Morningstar Minerals

  • David Valade of Violife Foods gives us the goods on a great line of vegan cheeses. We tried all of their products at Expo West and were very happy with the taste and textures of all of the cheeses we tested. We think you will be impressed too.

    Highly recommended by the staff at TotalHealth.


    Violife Foods Vegan Cheese Review