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vaginal dryness

  • Lubrication is a fact of life. In any relationship where working parts are at play, whether it is an engine, a dinner party or an evening of love, everything works better when it is "well oiled." Lubrication allows for glide, ease and effectiveness. When lubrication is working well, it is invisible, a thought we don't have. When it isn't working, we know it immediately, although not always by its name. An engine without oil locks up in minutes, awkward silence and uncomfortable gazing down into the lap is immediately recognizable.

    My work making personal lubricants never seemed like the answer to a national health crisis until recently. I was inspired to start Good Clean Love to solve a personal problem—I needed a solution for my own intimacy needs. The burning and itching that followed the application of the most common lube brands during intimacy didn't really leave me longing for more. Developing products that made sexual health healthier began as a personal quest more than a business idea. At the time I had no idea that so many women shared the symptoms of vaginal dryness and painful intimacy.

    Lacking lubrication in intimacy is remarkably common, and happens for a myriad of reasons. Menopause, childbearing, nursing and even common medications like antihistamines and antidepressants often cause vaginal dryness and contribute to pain during sex and the associated low libido that develops. The physiological symptom of dryness turns into a waning sex drive because natural lubrication is a primary signal of arousal. Early sexual memories often include moments of vaginal wetness or erections seemingly unbidden. Those memories are stored deep in the body and triggering them can be as easy as finding the right lubrication.

    The competitive lubricant market is saturated with choices, but when you look beyond the packaging and brand hype to the ingredient panel, it quickly becomes clear that still over 95 percent of OTC and adult lubricants are made with petrochemical ingredients including propylene glycol, a primary derivative used in such products as anti-freeze and brake fluid. It is also used in polyethylene glycol, in laxatives and oven cleaners and largely preserved with methyl- and propyl-parabens, which have been shortlisted as potential carcinogens and are not allowed in the EU.

    When I first began making lubricants and learning about the petrochemical ingredients that were my competition and were contributing to my painful sex, I believed that my burning and itchy reactions were due to an allergic response that exacerbated the other issues I was struggling with including vaginal dryness or pain with sex. Since then new research conducted by biophysicists, who were commissioned by NIH to create a buffer gel for the prevention of HIV, began analyzing the current petrochemical based lubricant market. They were shocked by what they learned.

    The highly concentrated petrochemical lubricants that dominate the market are damaging the genital and rectal tissue they intended to protect. The problem is a biophysics issue, not an allergic sensitivity. The problem is that one of osmolality, in which the cells of the human body are designed to balance what is interior and exterior. This is also described as tonicity, or salt balance. When lubricant products are applied to human skin tissue that are hyperosmolar, they pull all of the moisture out of the cells, resulting in the sloughing off of the protective epithelium of the vaginal wall, which causes the burning and compromises the natural immune function in the vagina. Richard Cone, one of the biophysicists from Johns Hopkins wrote, "Virtually all hyperosmolar lubricants need to be reformulated. Normally the mucosal lining of the vagina is a good barrier to infection all by itself, but when that barrier gets compromised, all bets are off."

    De-stabilizing the natural protective vaginal ecology has other serious consequences as well; a single use of hyperosmolar lubricants makes women up to three times more likely to contract Bacterial Vaginosis compared with women using nothing at all. This is a troubling because the incidence of BV is staggering. Depending on ethnicity, between 29 and 51 percent1 of all women have BV and worse still 84 percent don't know that they have it. Yet for as silent as this condition can be in its symptoms, the impact it has on susceptibility to other more dangerous STD's and HIV is even more alarming. Women with BV are 60 percent more likely to contract other sexually transmitted illnesses including HIV. And although researchers aren't clear about the mechanism of HIV transmission, women with BV are three times more likely to transmit the disease to their male partner.2

    Personal lubricants may be the last frontier of health care products to experience it, but there is a revolution afoot and there are many brands of organic and all natural products that are entering the market to replace the dangerously toxic effects of bad chemistry. Take care of the most sensitive tissue in your body by reading labels and listening to your body's adverse reactions. Good sex isn't about feeling the burn; it is about feeling the warmth of someone you love. Choose wisely and realize that the body can teach the mind, and arousal and sexual enhancement may be as close as the bottle on your nightstand.


  • Cynthia had a most embarrassing problem. She just turned 40 years old and suddenly discovered that big changes were happening to her body. Once pleasurable sex with her partner was now causing pain and irritation. She was also getting more frequent urinary tract infections.

    Occasionally she would notice some vaginal discharge. Her doctor prescribed antibiotics and recommended a commercial lubricant. But the irritation persisted and so did the vaginal discharge. Needless to say, she was at a loss for what to do.

    Cynthia situation is by no means unique. There is one women's health concern that, although rarely spoken about, is an all too common problem affecting women of all ages. The problem we are talking about is called vaginal dryness. Vaginal lubrication is created by a thin layer of moisturizing mucus, which normally coats the vaginal walls. However, many issues can alter the normal production of moisture such as the natural aging process, declining estrogen levels, hysterectomies, adrenal exhaustion, emotional stress, and excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, and sugar. Also, lack of lubrication can be caused by a variety of medications, which include steroid/cortisone drugs, cancer treatments, tamoxifen, aromatase-inhibitors, antihistamines, antidepressants, as well as ulcer and high blood pressure medications.

    Women often endure this problem in silence. The facts show that this is more common a condition than one would think. As many as 14 million women over the age of 18 have reported vaginal dryness. More than half of all women over the age 40 suffer from vaginal dryness at some time in their lives. And, two-thirds of women over 60 list vaginal dryness as one of the top two sexual health problems along with lack of libido.

    This issue is more than just experiencing some discomfort. The fact of the matter is that without adequate lubrication sexual intercourse can become very painful. Vaginal dryness is often accompanied by thinning of the vaginal tissue. This can result in lesions or tears of the vaginal wall. In addition, drying out the mucus membranes increases the risk of incontinence, bladder infections and urinary tract infections.

    Beware of Commercial Lubricants

    The first thing a woman will usually reach for to help with vaginal dryness is a personal lubricant. But beware! Not all lubricants are created equal. A surprising number, even those reported to be more natural, include synthetic or toxic compounds that could cause unpleasant side-effects or even pose health risks. In fact, some contain chemical ingredients that were originally designed for use in oven cleaners or on automobiles!

    The delicate vaginal tissue allows for easy access of chemicals into the body. Therefore, it's essential to know the differences between lubricants that are truly natural and healthy and those that contain toxic chemicals.

    You may be surprised to learn how many toxic chemicals are found in lubricants. Some of the more common ones include petroleum-based ingredients, such as petroleum jelly, parabens, henoxyethanol, propylene glycol, phlorhexidine, glycerin and silicone-based ingredients. Imagine absorbing all these chemicals through the delicate vaginal tissue!

    There is a long list of side effects from exposure to these chemicals. Some can alter the healthy pH of the vagina, while others cause irritation, burning, and an overgrowth of Candida or susceptibility to vaginal infections.

    One More Thing to Consider for Vaginal Health

    The toxic ingredients of commercial lubricants are shown to cause the presence of several unhealthy vaginal conditions. Candida albicans is one such problem. This abnormal fungal overgrowth is associated with many symptoms including itching, burning, pain and often a "white clumpy" discharge.

    Another health problem is an abnormal overgrowth of atypical vaginal bacteria. This condition is called bacterial vaginosis. (BT) Symptoms include a thin, white vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, pain and/or itching, and burning when urinating. BT makes women more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes simplex virus or chlamydia.

    Some personal lubricants damage the cells lining the vagina increasing the risk of STDs such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The presence of HPV is a risk factor for cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer.

    Why Silver Biotics Silver Gel is A Must for Feminine Hygiene.

    Navigating the world of personal lubricants is certainly more challenging than one would think! Wouldn't it be great if there were a totally safe, non-toxic personal lubricant that could also effectively relieve vaginal dryness, support the healing of vaginal tissue as well as eliminate vaginal yeast, bacteria, and HPV? Well, in fact, there is one unique personal lubricant that has been proven to accomplish all of the key issues necessary for women's vaginal health!

    Silver Biotics Silver Gel is still readily available even though it is now known as Armor Gel(new packaging, same great formula). It is also in an FDA approved prescription strength version available through your doctor called Silvrstat. It is not your ordinary personal lubricant. It provides a triple action benefit for women's feminine hygiene needs.

    The patented Silver Biotics Silver Gel, with SilverSol Technology® from American Biotech Labs is a unique and highly effective form of silver. Throughout the ages, silver has been renown for its anti-microbial effects. SilverSol Nano-Silver Technology is the most effective form of silver ever created. It far surpasses either colloidal or ionic forms of silver. SilverSol is available as both a liquid and as a gel.

    Silver Biotics Silver Gel has been scientifically proven to quickly kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold. The good news is that it will not cause antibiotic resistance or alteration of healthy vaginal microflora. In addition to its lubricating and anti-microbial effects, it is able to quickly reduce inflammation, itching, pain and burning while at the same time accelerating tissue repair and healing.

    Studies have demonstrated that in just 10 minutes, it successfully killed Candida! This is really great news since at least 75 percent of women are affected by vaginal yeast at least once in their lifetime.1,2

    Silver Biotics Silver Gel is water-soluble gel made with SilverSol at 24 ppm, de-ionized water, and food grade gelling additives. It is colorless, odorless, non-irritating and totally safe.

    How safe? Silver Biotics Silver Gel has an impressive health record. With more than five million sold, no adverse effects have ever been reported. It has been available as an over-the-counter solution for many skin care issues as well as an effective barrier protection.

    There are many reports of women who found relief from yeast infections using the Silver Gel. One grateful woman eliminated her recurring yeast infections, which used to plague her with outbreaks every 3–4 months for many years. Since using the gel, she hasn't had even one incident and that was nine years ago!

    Using the Silver Biotics Silver Gel as a lubricant will also benefit both a woman and her partner. Yeast infections and STDs are often transferred back and forth between sex partners. The use of the gel helps to eliminate this transference.

    The broad-spectrum nature of the gel also helps to prevent urinary tract infections that are caused by vaginal bacteria. The Silver Gel kills the bacteria, thus, stopping the migration into the urinary tract.

    But that's not all. Since it effectively kills all harmful bacteria and viruses, using the gel vaginally can eliminate the myriad of bacteria and viruses associated with sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV.

    One gynecologist reported that she cleared 200–HPV cases with a vaginal application of 10 ml. of Silver Biotics Silver Gel twice a day. The infections totally resolved within two weeks for all the patients!

    Other health practitioner experiences are also impressive. Naturopathic Doctor, Sally Byrd considers Silver Gel essential to help her women patients. "The Gel is so essential for everyday wellness and has many sensible applications. Many of my patients use the gel for vaginal dryness and soreness that may occur with aging, medications, and surgery. Others love adding a quarter teaspoon of the gel to a natural suppository for any type of Candida/yeast overgrowth or STDs. The applications are unlimited and the gel is safe and affordable for women of all ages!"

    How To Use Silver Biotics Silver Gel For Vaginal Health

    If the Silver Gel is to be used as a lubricant, then it can be applied either manually or with an applicator before sex. If it is needed to repair vaginal tissues, it can be applied twice a day morning and night. When additional healing is required to resolve any kind of vaginal infection, bacterial, viral or fungal, the gel can be applied either manually, or with an applicator twice a day. If HPV is an issue, put some gel on the tip of a tampon to ensure direct contact with the cervix. Since it is totally safe, you can actually use the Silver Gel as often as is required.

    Silver Biotics Silver Gel is great news for women. It is really a one-stop shop for women's most intimate needs. It is a fantastic, non-toxic water-soluble gel providing great lubrication. But it goes way beyond being just a great personal lubricant.

    It is the ultimate solution for women's feminine hygiene needs. Even when a lubricant is not required, it can be used prophylactically to ensure vaginal health. The patented SilverSol Technology makes this Silver Gel an effective wound healer for any kind of vaginal inflammation, irritation or lesions. It also provides a proven knockout punch for any kind of harmful vaginal infection—bacterial, viral or fungal!

    No wonder Silver Biotics Silver Gel is what women reach for when looking after their feminine hygiene. It is the proven solution for staying healthy and getting healthy. Silver Biotics Silver Gel truly is a woman's best friend!


    1. Analytical Research Laboratory, USP Rapid Challenge Test, June 2002, Linden, UT.
    2. Antimicrobial Efficacy of ASAP-AGX-32 Against Vaginal Pathogens when used as a Suppository, Laboratory of Dr. Ron W. Leavitt Brigham Young University, August 2004.
  • An ancient adage from Chinese medicine states, “A doctor would rather treat 10 men than one woman.” In a way, this validates what women have always known—that they are indeed intricate creatures. At the heart of a woman’s complexity are her hormones, their ebb and flow influencing all aspects of physical, emotional and mental wellness. Sexy hormones are sex hormones including, but not limited too, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA and progesterone. When a woman’s hormones are in balance, she feels fabulous, her skin glows, she has energy and vitality.

    Sexual desire and satisfaction are affected by hormone havoc. A woman’s feelings of being “sexy” are hormone driven. Sex is a central part of who we are. It is the basis for our relationships. Men are being prescribed the “little blue pill” in record number and you can’t turn on your computer without being bombarded by spam to make “it” bigger, longer and stronger. Yet according the University of Chicago study, 43 percent of women have no sex drive; and over 51 percent of women are suffering with pain during intercourse. Not much is being done in the research community to help women with sexual health concerns. Most people believe a drop in a woman’s libido is age-related affecting only older women but over 21 percent of women 70 or older still have regular sex and younger women in their 30s tend to be the ones with the biggest declines in libido due to stress, working, young families and lack of time.

    Factors Affecting Sexual Health
    So many factors contribute to a decline in a woman’s libido:

    • Low thyroid (hypothyroidism)
    • The birth control pill
    • Excess levels of the hormone prolactin
    • Low testosterone
    • Prescription and over-the-counter medications especially anti-depressant medication
    • Stress
    • Hormone disrupting estrogens in the environment
    • Relationship problems
    • Hysterectomy where the nerves for pleasure are accidentally damaged.

    If you are struggling with low libido, pain upon intercourse, no or blunted orgasms or vaginal dryness certain, diagnostic tests should be performed:

    • A blood test for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) should be performed. The result should be below 2.0. Above 2.0 is an indicator of subclinical low thyroid. Doctors do not prescribe medication until your TSH is above 5.5 but by then you may have a multitude of low thyroid symptoms (including weight gain, depression, constipation, feeling cold, hair loss, low to no libido, infertility, recurring miscarriage, terrible hot flashes and night sweats and more).
    • A blood test for free testosterone, which measures testosterone that is not bound to sex hormone binding globulin. Testosterone is the hormone of desire and when it is low, sex drive and the ability to reach climax is affected.
    • A saliva hormone panel for estrogens including estradiol, estrone and estriol. Blood testing is not accurate in measuring estrogen levels—saliva is more accurate.

    Get Your Libido Back Naturally
    Once the physical, emotional and physiological factors are ruled out getting your sex drive back is simple with a healthy diet, regular exercise and a few key nutritional supplements. A scant amount of research has been performed in the area of libido enhancing drugs or nutrients for women but a couple of nutrients shine when it comes to improving a woman’s love life.

    Arginine is an essential amino acid. (Essential means your body can’t make it, and you have to obtain it from foods.) In supplement form it is known as “L-arginine.” L-arginine is the main source of the primary molecule nitric oxide (NO), which is responsible for sexual arousal in women. Without arginine, there is no nitric oxide and no sexual arousal. In research on women, L-arginine in supplement form has been reported to increase the intensity of sensation during sex. That is because NO stimulates blood flow to the genitals to lead up to orgasm.

    Tribulus terrestris has been used as a prosexual herb for thousands of years. Tribulus terrestris works in a special way in women. One of luteinizing hormone’s (LH) many functions is to command the production of testosterone. As a woman ages, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) increases dramatically, peaking a few years after menopause and staying high for several decades thereafter. The ratio of FSH to luteinizing hormone increases, and LH does not have the same ability to increase testosterone. Tribulus terrestris helps to naturally boost the levels of luteinizing hormone to FSH, which then helps produce more testosterone. Tribulus terrestris is both a libido enhancer (and has been proven in multiple clinical trials in this regard) and has an ability to increase testosterone to normal levels.

    Clinical trials using Tribulus terrestris were performed at the First Obstetrical and Gynecological Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria on 150 women with abnormal ovulation associated with hormone imbalances. One group of women were given tribulus terrestris with a high percentage of the active ingredient protodioscin. They also had a group of women that received estrogens and testosterone only, with no Tribulus terrestris.

    The study resulted in a normalization of ovulation, improved fertility, a reduction in peri- and postmenopausal symptoms. Most importantly Tribulus terrestriswas found to provide better results in women in regards to increasing libido than the hormone therapy alone.

    Ginkgo biloba has been used in several clinical trials in women with low libido. One trial found that women on anti-depressant medications, which can cause sexual dysfunction including low libido, had their libido improve and orgasms return. Another study, published in Advances in Therapy in 2000, found that study participants using Ginkgo biloba reported having significant increases in sexual desires, had intercourse more often, had more sexual fantasies, and were able to reach orgasm.

    Other research studies have shown Ginkgo biloba to be a major aid in improving blood flow to small blood vessels. Enhancing blood flow to the genitals heightens sexual sensations. Research has also shown that Ginkgo biloba significantly increases mental acuity and memory—and sexual desire starts in the brain. Look for Ginkgo biloba extract that is standardized to 24 percent Ginkgo flavonglycosides and 6 percent terpene lactones.

    For women, the neurotransmitter that sends sexual messages to the nerves, called acetylcholine (ACh), is also a very important part of sexual function. Too little ACh and sexual activity goes down; increase ACh levels and sexual activity goes up. ACh is involved in the build-up toward orgasm and the urethral and vaginal contractions that occur during orgasm, as well as the subjective perception of orgasm intensity and duration. Female rat studies have shown that when ACh is increased, female rats seek out male rats and are receptive to them. Choline bitartrate, along with vitamin B5, helps to enhance acetylcholine, thereby enhancing orgasm.

    Eurycoma longifolia, also known as Malaysian Ginseng, is the missing ingredient in helping women’s libido. This potent herb brings the zest back in your sex life and aids vaginal dryness. Published research has been performed in male mice and men. To date no published research has been completed in women or in female mice.

    Testimonials from women using Eurycoma longifolia have reported that they are finally having orgasms again, and that the orgasms they are having are longer and more intense. Women have reported to us that they are waking up in the middle of the night with strong orgasms. The combination of Eurycoma longifolia, L-arginine, vitamin B5, choline, and Gingko biloba has been on the market in Canada for over two years. This combination is reported to have them thinking about sex again. The added benefit of increased vaginal lubrication has them more comfortable while they’re doing it as well.

    Lovely Lubricants
    Lubrication occurs during arousal in most women. But for some, due to hormones out of balance, stress, performance anxiety, and/or prescription medications, lubrication just does not happen. If you are moaning from pain due to inadequate lubrication during sex or you can’t get excited because of lack of lubrication—there are signals sent to the brain when you start to notice lubrication that further promotes arousal—then lubricants are a great solution.

    Drugstores, health food stores, and Web sites sell vaginal lubricants. Some have stimulants in them like peppermint or menthol and are called warming lubricants. These are used to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm.

    Other lubricants contain herbal extracts to aid dryness and soothe the vagina. Oil based lubricants are not safe to use with condoms. Oil-based lubricants can cause the vagina to harbor bacteria. Never use petroleum jelly. Look for water-based formulas. Always test the lubricant on your skin before applying it to your sensitive genitals. If any rash, redness, or irritation occurs do not apply to the genitalia.

    Vaginal bioidentical estriol cream (not Estradiol) for hormonally related symptoms of vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, burning, and urinary frequency is often recommended.

    Even with the use of vaginal estriol cream for these symptoms, you will also want to add a lubricant for sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness can also occur at different stages of the menstrual cycle (right after the period or just before), during pregnancy, when breast-feeding, or when using a condom.

    Your Lubricant Should Be:

    • water-based
    • latex friendly
    • non-staining and non-toxic
    • designed to be soothing and not disrupt normal vaginal pH balance
    • pleasant tasting or have no taste
    • providing lots of lubrication that does not get sticky over time
    • free of parabens, toxic preservatives, mineral oil, animal products or petroleum ingredients

    Most women think a lube is for use only during intercourse, but a lubricant should be used throughout the day if you have vaginal dryness, in order to prevent infections, itching, burning, heat, and pain from the dryness. That is why it is important to select a lubricant that has no odor and does not stain your panties.

    Exercise for More Testosterone
    The best way to enhance testosterone is to exercise. This hormone of desire is essential for maintaining muscle tone, stamina, and strength. Testosterone starts to naturally decline in women over the age of 40 who do not exercise regularly. This is about the time you notice that slow slide in muscle tone, with your breasts racing to meet your waist. Testosterone increases your metabolism—how quickly your body burns food as fuel—so you burn fat faster. Testosterone also makes women feel sexy and strong. Blood levels of testosterone increase with just 20 minutes of exercise and remain elevated for up to three hours after.

    If you miss your libido and want it back, find out more in Sexy Hormones by Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, M.S. and Alvin Pettle, M.D.

  • Being a woman isn’t easy. The world of feminine hygiene is fraught with a plethora of discomforts and health challenges.

    The health statistics say it all: 80 percent of women will be exposed to human papillomavirus (HPV); nearly 75 percent of all adult women will have at least one genital yeast infection; bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection in women, affects 700,000 women; 40 percent of women will have at least one urinary tract infection (UTI) in their lifetime; one million women have a flare-up of pelvic inflammatory disease each year; approximately one out of four women are infected with genital herpes; and half of all women over the age 40 will suffer from vaginal dryness at some time.

    For most women receiving the necessary treatment for these problems often necessitates repeated visits to their gynecologist’s office where they are prescribed numerous antibiotic, antifungal, or antiviral medications. In many cases, they are subjected to additional tests and invasive procedures.

    In addition, many of the treatments themselves contribute to recurring health problems or drug-resistance. For instance, the use of antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection generally causes an overgrowth of Candida yeast, commonly known as vaginal thrush. Not only does the use of an antibiotic increase the risk of antibiotic-resistance but there is also the likelihood that there will be another outbreak of Candida. It is also known that the presence of Candida is associated with a higher incidence of UTIs. In order to tackle the Candida problem, antifungal drugs such as Nystatin, Diflucan® and Nizoral® may then be prescribed. These drugs have numerous side effects, not the least of which is liver damage.

    So, just what is a girl to do to escape from this vicious cycle of prescriptions drugs causing additional problems?

    The ancient cultures had a healing secret. Dating back thousands of years, there was one healing approach that had been extensively used in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Macedonian and Chinese civilizations. This powerful healing medicine was silver.

    Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”, wrote in his medical texts that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. He praised silver for its tissue repair and wound healing abilities. Ancient peoples also learned that silver bestowed powerful anti-microbial effects, as well. For instance, the Phoenicians would store water, wine, and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling.

    The knowledge of silver’s profound healing attributes has continued into modern times. The use of silver in its colloidal form, a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver, was the principle antibiotic treatment prescribed by thousands of American medical doctors prior to 1938. However, with the advent of antibiotics, the popularity of silver declined.

    Many decades later, the emergence of life-threatening antibiotic-resistant conditions, once again renewed interest in silver’s safe and effective antibiotic properties. Silver is considered to be nature’s own antibiotic, eliminating bacterial infections without initiating resistance. It is also able to safely kill virtually all forms of viruses, fungi, and molds without any side effects.

    While there are presently many colloidal and ionic silver products on the market, there is one superior form of silver that out-performs all others.

    Thanks to an advanced 21st-century technology, a new and more powerful form of silver is now available. For the past ten years, American Biotech Labs has been dedicated to creating a unique, patented nano-silver technology (U.S. Patent 7,135,195).

    American Biotech Labs currently holds more than 190 independent studies from more than 60 different private, U.S. government, military and also university labs. As evidence of their safety and efficacy, their innovative silver products have received both FDA clearance and EPA approvals.

    This new technology is called Silver BioticsTM SilverSol Technology™. The term “sol” is a chemical designation of a pure mineral permanently suspended in water where the mineral’s charge is transferred to the entire body of water.

    Most silver products work by chemical action, requiring direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. This new nano-silver technology works by catalytic action, not by chemical action. This catalytic conversion allows the Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel to first destroy pathogens and then to instantaneously recharge and “kill” again and again—like a rapid-fire machine gun.

    The result is that Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel is an incredibly powerful, yet totally safe and non-toxic form of silver, destroying thousands of times more pathogens than a simple colloid or ionic silver. This explains why other silver solutions and suspensions contain up to 300,000 ppm (parts per million) of silver, but Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel works just as effectively, if not more so, at only 5–30 ppm.

    Silver BioticsTM products, which are available both as a colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid and gel, are impressive. First of all, they effectively kill all pathogenic bacteria they come in contact, even the deadly Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA), while leaving beneficial bacteria unscathed.

    When it comes to viruses, Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel has the ability to inactivate them at the DNA/RNA level, thus preventing virus replication. It wields the same powerful anti-pathogenic ability with fungus and molds. The good news is it does not interact with pharmaceuticals; in fact, has been found to work synergistically with medications.

    Just how effective is Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel? Research shows it will kill millions of pathogens (including fungus and mold) within minutes.

    Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel has also demonstrated the ability to enhance immune system function as well as relieve pain and inflammation. The FDA has recently cleared a prescription version (Silvstat) of the Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel “for use in the management of 1st and 2nd degree burns, stasis...pressure...(and) diabetic ulcers, lacerations, abrasions, skin tears, surgical incision sites, device insertion site wounds, graft sites and donor sites”. Its exceptional wound healing actions provides evidence that Silver BioticsTM SilverSol products stimulate the production of stem cells.

    Unlike other forms of silver, Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel offers all these impressive healing benefits without any adverse effects. It does not interfere with the production of stomach hydrochloric acid; it is rapidly excreted by the kidneys; and it will not accumulate in the tissues or the skin (Argyria, i.e., blue man syndrome) because the nano-silver particles will not fall out of suspension. Another major plus is that its antibiotic effects will not compromise the beneficial gut flora. And, if Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel is taken in conjunction with antibiotics, they will actually work synergistically to increase the antibiotic effectiveness by tenfold.

    With Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel’s extraordinary ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi as well as enhance the immune system and provide rapid wound healing, it becomes one of the safest and most effective solutions to resolve the myriad of women’s feminine health problems.

    Silver Biotics Silver Liquid Silver Biotics Silver Gel Silver Biotics Silver Gel and Silver Biotics Silver Liquid

    These are the general suggestions for use of Silver BioticsTM SilverSol technologies. I recommend that you always first consult with your primary health provider.

    Acne—Take two teaspoons of Silver BioticsTM Silver Liquid twice a day. Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel should also be applied topically twice a day. A reduction in the size and in the damage of the acne can occur within 24 hours. Total improvement of the skin should take about four weeks—the amount of time necessary for new skin to grow from the bottom to the top layer.

    Age Spots—These are related to a compromised liver. Taking two teaspoons twice daily of Silver BioticsTM Silver Liquid on a regular basis will help support the liver and also improve liver enzyme production. Apply Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel on age spots two to four times a day.

    Bladder Infection—Take two tablespoons (adult dosage) of Silver BioticsTM Silver Liquid hourly for the first two days. Then continue to take 2 tablespoons twice a day for the next two weeks as a maintenance dose. The bladder infection should be eliminated in about 12 to 24 hours.

    Endometriosis—Take two teaspoons daily. Also use as a douche by diluting ounces of Silver Liquid (diluted 1:1 with distilled water) intravaginally, holding it for 12 minutes, and then releasing. This kills bacteria and viruses in and around the cervix. It will also reduce inflammation and pain. The use of the Silver Gel gel as a personal lubricant will reduce pain with intercourse and promote vaginal health by eliminating yeast and bacteria.

    Fibromyalgia—Yeast seems to be a common factor. Yeast can leave the intestines and go into the brain. By cleansing yeast out of the system, patients can receive improvement. Yeast can be destroyed taking two tablespoons of Silver BioticsTM Silver Liquid two or three times a day. Gel or spray can be applied to sore muscles once or twice a day as needed for pain or aches.

    Human papillomavirus (HPV) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) i.e. chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.—To access the cervix, place Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel on a tampon and insert it for at least 90 minutes. Another way is to pump two ounces of Silver BioticsTM Silver Liquid as a douche intravaginally (diluted 1:1 with distilled water). Hold it for 10 to 12 minutes before releasing. This will allow the liquid to have access to the cervix for a long enough time to affect the virus. Also, take two teaspoons twice daily.

    Thyroid—Often the thyroid is damaged by a viral or bacterial infection contributing to hypothyroidism. Taking two teaspoons twice a day of the liquid and applying Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel to the throat area will support optimal thyroid functioning.

    Vaginal odor—Since this is usually caused by a yeast or bacterial vaginosis infection, douche (diluted 1:1 with distilled water) by pumping two ounces of Silver BioticsTM Silver Liquid intravaginally. Hold it for 10 to 12 minutes before releasing. Also, apply Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel to a tampon and insert into the vagina for 90 minutes.

    Vaginal dryness—Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel is an excellent, water-soluble lubricant. Free of all toxic ingredients, it safely and effectively nourishes and moisturizes vaginal epithelium cells.

    Yeast—Can grow in the skin, vagina, and digestive system. Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel is documented to kill yeast both inside and outside of the body. It will even kill stachybotrys, the black mold or yeast that grows in showers and on walls. Take two tablespoons of the Silver Liquid orally in the morning and at night. Half that dosage can be taken for prevention. Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel can be applied to the vagina or on a tampon or panty liner for about 90 minutes to help fight a vaginal or yeast infection. Relief of symptoms can occur in the first two hours, however, systemic problems may take months to resolve. For further support, apply Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel gel to the outer areas of the vagina, using the gel or spraying the liquid directly on to a panty liner.

    Throughout time, silver has been revered for its many healing properties. Uniting the wisdom from the past with the knowledge of advanced 21st-century nano-technology has created a world of possibilities that can safely, effectively and quickly resolve so many of the health problems challenging our modern world.

    According one of the world’s most respected scientists, Dr. Rustum Roy Ph.D, Evan Pugh Professor of the Solid State Emeritus, Professor of Geochemistry Emeritus at the Pennsylvania State University, “They (Silver BioticsTM SilverSol Technology products) really are going to prove to be this generation’s penicillin.”

    The scientifically proven benefits of the Silver BioticsTM SilverSol Technology have especially been a blessing to women. For more information on this unique Silver BioticsTM Silver Gel Technology® from American Biotech Labs® visit them online at or call toll-free at 1-800-605-1541.